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angry kirby

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wow. never have i felt so fondly of my dog's death. it helped me realise.. they (might) go to a better place when we don't see them again. the reason i say might is because no-one knows where animals go after they are lost from this world. we never know when we are going to lose our beloved pet, and it strikes a sad chord when we do. my dog died years ago, and i still mourn. but now, thanks to your game, i got through it. my dog George was a good one, one i'll never forget, but once the next one rolls along, then leaves, i'll be sure to play this again (because my parents are looking into getting a dog, and i won't play this for years, so i won't remember what happens and what it did to me) it made me cry, in a bittersweet way (like the rest have been saying) i will truly love this game every time i lose a dog and it will help me get through it. you have made a truly fantastic game, and while it is short, it's still fantastic. thank you.