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A really fucking relaxing game, loved it

This game was pretty fuckin dank, loved it!

Feeding half of a dick was always my dream in life and I finally got to do that :)

This game was 2 sp00ky 4 me

This game scared the living shit out of me........wish this was made into a bigger project!

Part 2 of the strangest game I've ever played. Still loved it though!

This was so fucking adorable

Great Playthrough!

Was definitely a really fun and entertaining game to play, I'd recommend it!

Really wish this game was longer, really liked the puzzle aspects in it!

Really wish this game was longer, really liked the puzzle aspects in it!

One of the strangest game's I've ever played but also one of the most interesting.

This was really well done, given that it's a pixelated horror game I was excited to jump into it. It honestly passed all my expectations. However, the ending was a bit anti climactic. Regardless, it was really well done!

Gave this game a go and in all honesty it was one of the most relaxing/peaceful indie games I have ever played. Would love if you made it a full game!

First off, this game had the simplest yet best soundtrack out of any Indie Horror I have played in a long time. The subtle guitar soothes you and relaxes you. However, how fast the game changes pace is amazing. Going from light and easy to dark and eerie. Amazing Prologue and I hope/will support any further news surronding this game. Was Amazing!

Gave this game a shot and jeez was it fun!

Gave this game a go and it was fun, really enjoyed it!

Just made a playthrough of this amazing game, thank you for making it! Loved it!