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This was surprisingly fun! and I played it for at least an hour each time different enough to make me keep wondering "what if" OR maybe i just think too much, being a lady gamer and all :)) What was with the cosmic horror? anyone Know? Check out my Let's play!


Heyo! Lady gamer here! This game was far more of an experience then I had thought it would be, I thought it would be a plodding mess through a poorly made game, but I was wrong! It's strange, dynamic, and so utterly random you can never guess what's through the next door. One question... WHY ARE THE DEER SO UNSETTLING?! Check out my let's play!


Hey guys! Lady gamer here, this one was a great game, I got a little stuck, but the spooky was undeniable! A jumpscare or two would have really pulled this together, but it's still great! Check out my let's play!

as a lady gamer that is desensitized to horror, this one was not super scary, but that isn't the point, it's unsettling, and disturbing, with a great atmosphere you have to give this one a try! Check out muy full let's play!

Lady gamer here!! This is a good start, hopefully more bugs get worked out, because no matter how I tried the glass stepping stones, after I got so far I was always shot :( Check out my let's play!!! 

oops, forgot to post my LP of this fun title here Enjoy

This was a really fun game, one of the better indie horror games i've played on my channel, even as a female gamer, I am wildly desensitized to horror games, this was fun and scary! Buuuutt I did break it a few times, and I LOVE that you added controller support,  but, there was no mappinig, no sprint button on the controller, or a button to read the memos, still totally worth it! Check out my full let's play below.

I really enjoyed this little game, and did reach out to my love ones ❤ check out my let's play here 

d fun with it, some of the puzzles had me for a minute! 

I don't know why it scared me sooo much! Enjoy my suffering 

I played with controller, and quite enjoyed it! it was hard, but I laughed my ass off!  

I actually enjoyed it, I didn't beat it because i'm a nerd, but had fun all the same. ^-^