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Why does the version keep changing? 0.0.0, 0.2.7, 0.2.6, 0.3.3, 0.2.2, 0.2.1...?

That was such a close call (look at the temperature), I got distracted in the middle of the night lol

I tried to cure my bad thoughts with JoJo and being as close as possible to screens just like in real life but it didn't work...Just like in real life (this was very cool :) )

It's very good

Here's a bit of gameplay If you want to see :)

I opened it and immediately tried to do shady stuff

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Esto me pasa en todos los minijuegos y en los menús: el deadzone del LTrigger es de 1/3 (se siente bien) y el del RTrigger es de 100% (se hace input sólo si aprietas hasta el final), he puesto el xInput de fondo para ver si era mi mando que estaba roto o algo y ha quedado comprobado. Aquí está el video.

Very good mix of scary and need to pay attention, for someone who never plays scary games this was quite fun! (Also very much enjoy that when you die it's not super loud)

Glad to see it come out! ^__^

XDDD that description

Andy you genius, that was way cool

I'm having a house party this weekend and I already know this is all we will be playing, Arcade mode is tough but fun and varied 10/10

IMO worth it to wait :)

I'd say the two genres have become very compatible in my mind! :)))

This is so cool!

So good :)))

Love the game <3

Already love her style 💚

Thank you so much! It’s the only thing it has hahaha <3

I loved it! I put all the trash in the trash can, the clothes in the sofa, meds everywhere so I don't forget to take'em ^_^

I loved the art both in and out of the walls, the screens and the waccom tablet <3

When I finished i had an in-game panic attack because I couldn't leave the room xD