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Nice job Caribun <3

Very nice :)

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Also, how will we get those keys? email or somehow through itch? THANKS!!

Edit: just saw the key on the purchase page :)))

Congrats on the launch!

Very nice, so many bunnies!

SwordFace community · Created a new topic Incredible game

Played this straight day 1 to 31 and it rules, big presence of Juice Galaxy DNA, especially "high level" Juice Galaxy combat. Thanks for making fantastic games, your work is an inspiration to other gamedevs like me :)

Cute and well written characters :)

First of all, cool game! I didn't expect to play a text rpg today :)

Now for some bugs:

I got this (view image) after accepting the quest and running around killing goblins and all other creatures, then coming back and refusing the call to adventure. (accepting it did nothing).

Also the windows warning still shows up, just in case someone sees it

Wow that was addictive

Nice game

Ta bueno :))

Hell yeah! It works on 4.1 :)

Is it possible that you uploaded an empty shader?

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Since "hint_color" and "hint_albedo" are both now "source_color" I changed those in the code and it looks like this (the black shades jitter a lot). Maybe I did something stupid, I'm a new GODOTer (I'm on Godot 4.1)

It's important to get informed before voicing your opinion and I wish you would have done that. Good luck on your future endeavors, go watch "Earthlings" or read "Eat Like you Care" if you really want to be the kind of person that loves animals with their actions instead of whatever ^that was.

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Hi, sorry for the late response, The only way I can think of doing it is setting the PolygonCollider2DToMeshCollider.Offset.z to a negative value and still give it a positive value in "Thickness". Let me know if I understood your question or if I'm off.

Thickness on the -z

In contrast to the default:

You can upload another build to the game’s page and set the old one to hidden, no?

windows 10

Tip: You can bypass this error screen by pressing ignore :)

I enjoyed this very much <3

I absolutely loved it :)

Damn! I forgot the can opener at home :_)

Known issues:

- Formats that knowingly don't work as of version v1.06 : mpg, mpeg, mkv

I pressed for too long

I suspect I might be the best fighter/resource collector in the whole world :)

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Looks super cool but I can't interact with click (big mode)

Edit: it works now :)

Very Hot🔥!

Neat concept and cool art!

This game rocks :)

Está bien chula la idea, 2 niveles se queda corto pero es de los más originales, igual que en la Alva jam 👍

Came out pretty nicely :))

Happens to me too ^_^'

Cant get the right combination on the puzzle of the last picture ^ (yellow box)

Los que no se lo han pasado hasta el final no saben lo que se pierden XD

Great little game, loved to play it to the end :)

Fua me gustaría ver lo que dices en vídeo (aunque sea grabado con el móvil si el pc no te graba bien), he estado optimizando los módulos en los que se basa el juego y creo que en la próxima build irá mejor. la manera más óptima de jugar es bajando la resolución y con motion blur y bloom al 0 (al 0 se apagan los scripts y mejora el rendimiento). No entiendo a qué te refieres con que "casi nunca gira".

En cualquier caso muchas gracias por probarlo y por tu feedback :)

A ti por hacerlo y felicidades por pasar :)  tienes el final subido a algún lado?

Si te quedas pillado en una esquina se acabó :_(

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No me lo puedo pasar, dos veces me ha pasado que el objeto final es uno que ya he metido, las estanterías estarían mejor clavadas a la pared si no hay manera de saltarlas una vez están en el suelo :(

Me parece muy buena idea, los juegos que se juegan exclusivamente con audio me parecen un terreno bastante inexplorado (yo conozco muy pocos) e, incluso sin tener esa discapacidad siguen siendo interesantes para jugar en la cama o cualquier sitio donde tengas unos auriculares.