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I figured it out, you have to refer to a script specially if it is in a folder. (ex. A script in the "Jump" folder would have to be "Jump/script")

My friends and I are making a game for the Global Game Jam, and we're giving Superpowers a shot. I'm new at it, so I may have a few questions over the next few days ;). Here is my current predicament;

I'm playing around with the IDE, and I tried editing a few scripts. I am getting an error after the compilation completes successfully;

Uncaught Error: Could not find a behavior class named "PlayerBehavior" for actor "Player". Make sure you're using the class name, not the script's name and that the class is declared before the behavior component is created (or before the scene is loaded).

The script has not been edited, however I did edit the player's behavior in the default scene. I've all of my assets against new project (with the 2D platformer template), and they all seem to be the same. Any advice?

PS. What would you recommend for a language reference? The tutorials on the Superpowers page seem a bit limited, and the language seems a bit different then what typescript shows.

Cheers, and thanks in advance,