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I can play very well, I only say that I can' see opening screen, the screen whith the girl. The two videos below is the same, less than a second you can see the screen

Hello. Great game!! But I can´t see opening screen, only loading screen. I use Spectaculator 

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Buenas. Me pasa lo mismo que a Eusebio, me sale "Misterio", tanto en el enlace del principio de la página como el que hay justo encima de estos comentarios

Thanks. I forgot Forester. I am very happy with the game  :0)

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Yes, I've rescued Raedwulf, and fight whith mage's soldiers, and return to the witch... what am I missing?

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I think I've explored all map. In the dungeon there are two doors that don't open...

I like the game a lot  :0)

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How do you pass the witch?

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Hello. Great game for spectrum. Is there any forum? I am stuck at the witch place... I don't know how to continue, she won't let me continue...