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Very cute and solid game. I think it was put together really well. I like the puzzle, and click-and-point mechanics. I think the solutions were clever, funny, and creative.  I liked that there was humor included in this, like how you can click on the first set of drawers and it would state that it was  locked most likely due to the developers being too lazy to complete that task. There were also nods to our meme culture, like Nyan cat. I thin connecting the game to familiar objects was smart, it builds a stronger connection with the user (if he/she has knowledge of it). Sometimes the inventory would stretch beyond the window, so maybe sizing would be something to look into with all the graphics. I also wish there were more levels. Great work!

Very fast paced game! I like the mood this brings, music and graphics tie together. I like the simplicity of it too. I like the surprise of the demons and how quickly they come at you, but I think the game might have benefited from allowing the player to have  a larger field of vision.  I think the idea is there and it's great, but I still feel that this game is a little unfinished. 

Small issues I noticed:

- Game starts off with demons right next to you, automatically lose lives.

- The collision box seems to be overly extended, can shoot the demon within a distance, but still get a life taken from you.

Fun game! Great neon aesthetics are very pleasing. The speed of the running I think is right. The obstacles are difficult enough. I feel that I can stay engaged with the different forms of speeds of each obstacle; bullets are one, dogs are a little faster, and the hydrants and trashcans are not moving. Power up item is a great addition. A few issues were only that sometimes the obstacle would be right behind a lamppost, jumping over one obstacle would not allow you to jump over other obstacle in time. But other than that, really great game!

Good game! Graphics are clean. The game itself functions well. It is fun and keeps me engaged with the random missiles, and I'm also focused on timing since you have to wait for you own missile to travel to the target. I like that you guys made it a mobile game. The tapping of the screen makes you more connected with targeting the missiles. It would have felt different if it was a mouse being used. The animations are great, having explosions instead of having the missiles disappearing. I like that they have a power up of "Super Defense" when you hit enough missiles. Good job!

Great game! Super addicting because it's easy to understand but still very challenging. The game mechanic using the bodies of your enemies as a continually growing platform is very unique. The side map of the entire platform was a great choice to include.