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Really fun demo, but next time can you also add an .exe? the browser version is kinda slow on my pc.

Short and Easy game, recommended for people that don't want a challenge :)


Un po' complicato all'inizio, per il resto molto bello.

This game is so good and polished, it doesn't feel like a jam game.

When i saw the gameplay i actually tought you used an engine made specifically to replicate old game's style, but i see that you used game maker, it's impressive how similar it looks and feels to retro games

It's a fun concept, but the ball gets stuck pretty easily

I really liked this game, though it's a jam game, i playied for about 30mins, it's a really fun and challenging game.

It's pretty good, but the sound when you attack the enemies and the sound they make the stronger ones when they get hit it's pretty noisy.

Really fun and challenging game, the only downside is that sometimes it's not clear if you have to click or press, but after you mistake one time the you get it right the next try.

there are two, 64 and 32, it depends on how many bits your pc has, most pcs have 64 nowadays, but if you are not sure 32 works on both