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I haven't played this game before

I'm excited!


Oh ok thanks

You press enter and then I can't remember, but I think you use your mouse to move your character. Was that you were talking about or were you talking about how to download it?

And you need to learn how to spell and write proper sentences! (It should be you need TO at the start and it should say stupid not stoopit!)

Don't be mean to a creator of an amazing game! You must be a little kid. I don't know many older people who call people names. Also I don't know ANY adults or teens that add extra letters in their username for ONE or MORE WORD(S). 

Sorry if this comes out rude, but why do you speak a different language on YouTube but write in English on

It made me jump I was not expecting anything to pop out at me!

Hi I watched Alex play it can someone tell me if it's fun to play yourself because I'm not going to download it unless it's fun

Oh ok thank you sorry it took so long for me to reply

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Hola como estas? (Hello how are you?) Edited: That first part is in Spanish.

The key thing randomly popped up..... Why did it pop up and how do I get passed it? It's super confusing.

The sad thing is that it took me two or three tries to pass level one. I focus on one thing like I already said in the comments.

This game is difficult because when you focus on one thing something happens that you have to focus on the other. It's still super fun though. Everyone that doesn't know how to get in you have to press "ENTER" which is on the screen if you couldn't see.

You have to press enter to get in

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For the part you have to steal stuff: You should add security cameras and if the security camera is on you then the guard comes out and you should make the guard have a gun and if you get shot then you go to jail and have to break out and when you break out you can shop again