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wow, this is so awesome! i loved it very much  < 3

this quote made me have a double take, it's so jtgrfvrjhberve

"Who do you blame for misfiling a memory

in the cabinets of your brain?"

Thank you! I played it in fullscreen mode, the experience was much better!  < 3

should've seen that ending coming xD

nevermind, i got past it  xD

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i'm stuck at lvl. 12  :'D  the clue gave me a bit of a direction but not enough

The ending credits song did it for me- NO THESE ARE JUST EYE SWEAT OK, I'm not crying  T-T

Ohh I see I see, thanks for replying!


spam the space bar

what if i don't have a mouse---

there's no full screen option on browser?   D:


the art style is very adorable!! 10/10

but i would like to note the voice acting for the mom... her shrill voice was very unpleasant and it seemed like the voice actor was unsure whether they wanted to do the soft mom-voice, or the strict mom-voice.

maybe a deeper voice would be better? like, a commanding type of atmosphere.

i didn't know there were different endings to the story---

So the story is just strolling around? No solving other people's problems?

That's nice  < 3


I love the brother and sister in the peaks, they're so adorable, and... is that the door beyond hibiscus town-

what do you do here-

i made everyone cats and the gang was a group of pixies

there are some grammar issues and an erase tool could be nice, but other than that, this was very amusing to play!