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thanks :))

holy hell, it is like that. my 0.9 saves are in my 1.0 version. can i delete my 0.9 game ver now?

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note says that redownloading won't cause saves to disappear, so does that mean, when I download the 1.0 version, the saves in my 0.9 version will transfer there??

pls help i don't know anything about programing

came from lie or die i'm pumped to find out more about the story!

omg i thought right clicking dialouge means there's some secret text that would appear T--T

how many endings are there? :v


this is very endearing, i love the art style! the translation is near perfect too. i didn't spot any mistakes at least so i think that's a nice job so far!

my thoughts as well lol

personally, i'm  not a transgender person...vbut man does this hurt. i wish i could give all the trans homies a hug.

idk what vampire: masquerade is, but i liked my experience here. aweseom work!

i don't know what to say...

it was beautiful.

yey~ got all the dialouges (at least i think so). Lukas seems like such a sweetheart.

lol it was my graphics card, it's not made for gaming and stuff. it's working properly and the lastest tho so nothing to update. thanks for helping me still!

that aws such an asewome game!! the error sonuds raelly broutght back memories of The Purble Palce

lol everytime someone said thank you, i typed up "youre welcome" and when the robot creature said "friend?", i said "yes"

ooh alright alright, i can wait! i'd love to try this game :DD

and if my hardware and browser info is still needed, i'm using a dell inspirion 15 5000 with an intel core i5 (hopefully this is the correct information) and then google chrome for the browser

it's just  a grey screen for me when i hit 'run this game'  : (

here's what i wrote!! 

it ended on just the right note and i loved it

it's just a maroon blank screen for me  :'>

OMG thank you very much!!  T---T

this whole series just has the right kind of ominous and captivating atmosphere, i enjoyed myself a lot exploring the castle from the end to it's new life!

so cute  < 3

that was so... sweet :D    moose is good human 

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i like how even though you get all the quiz answers wrong, you can still decorate the tree and everyone still appreciates what you did for them!

adorale cat game <3

is there any way for me to get a copy of meowmie's cute smiling happy face sprite? i'd like to make it my profile picture here in it's just so adorable! i love the game very much  < 3

the music is very wonderful!!

this was very fun to play! and the art style is wonderful <3

aww such a sweet knight. I'd love to play more games about him!

there must be something wrong on my end. i would've loved to play this! thanks so much for trying and inquiring to my comment!

google chrome as well  :<

A windows 10 laptop, so sorry for the late reply!

it's just a black screen for me  x-x

instructions: "keyboard with a Z"

game: nope

hi again too!

may the two now rest in peace

lol i clicked with the song that had beats in it. 

what do i do with the stick--