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I just finished writing a blurb for my new game release, and the blurb became much more organized thanks to your tips! (> ω <)

This info is super helpful! It’s well-organized and the explanations are spot-on. Thanks for compiling this list!

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Nice little game! It’s so impressive what GPT4 is able to do.
It’s very awesome as a tool to be used in conjunction with human skill and experience.

I couldn’t beat level 4, haha! Just like you mentioned in the video.
Didn’t have the patience for it. xD

I wasn’t able to jump above that dang wall after the moving platform (>_<)

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This game is a masterpiece!
It has spectacular gameplay, clever level design, hilarious jokes, and cool references.
Playing it years ago was very inspiring for me as a game developer. I appreciate the work made by the devs! :D

Yeah, now the game feels a lot better to play, thank you for making the improvements! :D

I sure was reminded of the T-Rex Chrome offline game when I first played this one, haha xD

Nice little game! Very simple, has some flaws, but I still had fun playing it.

The obstacles are very predictable (making the game a bit too easy), and the mountains background scrolls too fast (it may cause sickness on photosensitive players).

But the simple gameplay was good, and the physics did its job well (even if it’s a bit floaty).

My highscore was 11707 points. :)

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Sounds good to me! I really enjoy games with more platforming-focused gameplay, so I can imagine I’ll enjoy very much the other levels… :D

Wish you success on your projects!

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Interesting game, but does this build only include Level 1? The dialogue files mention more levels, but I can’t interact with anything at the level that I guess would progress the story. The stairs and mirror seem to do nothing, etc.

Wow, the Mirror Child is really creepy! When he first appeared, I jumped out of my chair! xD
And the dynamic music transition is well done.

I read the dialogue files, the story is interesting, I wonder how the other levels look like…

Very simple, but challenging clicker game! :D

Very poetic and thoughtful experience. Beautiful music tracks. And the platformer gameplay was also very good! (just a bit jittery on the moving platforms, but then I read your explanation on the devlog post)

The narrative was very interesting, I hope you can continue it someday! I became very curious about how the journey of Kawena would continue… xD

I don’t know if the levels would continue being sidescrollers or if they would eventually change to a 3D gameplay, but after seeing the Kawena model at the end, I couldn’t help but picture a NieR: Automata-styled game featuring Kawena and her bigass sword. That would be so awesome!

Overall, I’m impressed on what you managed to learn and do in just 48 hours, well done!

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I cleared the game! (using keyboard controls, hehe)
Wow, so I wasn’t just a sheep all along… What a twist!
Cool and challenging game, and the ending was so relaxing! :D

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Hi, ezez game! You are the first person that made a gameplay video of a game I created. That makes me very happy! ^u^
This is a very old game of mine, from 2015, and your gameplay video makes it look so smooth, I like your video!
I’ll make some comments below, with some insights about this game. ;)

Thanks to you, I’m full of nostalgia of the time I and my brother developed this game… <3

You did a nice playthrough! You got most of the coins and reached the exit/goal (that was “Behind You” all the time since the start of the level, xD)
I’m glad that you explored the level after you collected all the ability potions (and can “Look” in any direction with the camera), to see all rooms in a different perspective. :)

There were going to be more abilities (double jump, ranged attack, swim, grab ledges, etc.), but I eventually stopped working on it and focused on other jobs/projects.
That black wall on top of the stairs would lead to another map, the second floor of the castle, with harder challenges using all the abilities that you got at that point.
And the game would also feature a third floor, with a boss battle.

Oh, about that island with the stray potion you saw on the lower floor. That was just a remnant of an early test map that was located in that area.
I just opened the “Look Behind You!” Unity project (after many years) and I checked it. (your video made even me curious, haha)
By the way, that potion would unlock an inventory menu (by pressing the “I key” after grabbing it). xD

In the room with the Possessed Boxes, when you hear that jingle (which makes Zuleica’s portrait have a curious expression), that was supposed to hint that you’d be able to reach those platforms above with certain abilities: the left one with simple jumping, and the right one with double-jump. But I forgot to disable/make less frequent the jingle. xD
By the way, that jingle evolved into a character theme from my current project, NekoSuki, have a listen! :D

All in all, I’m very proud of Look Behind You!, this was an important step for me to create my “dream anime 3D platformer game”, haha!
This project evolved into my current project, “NekoSuki! ~ Kitty Love Adventure” (still pre-alpha, but I’m actively developing it) ^-^
Discord community:

Perhaps you’ll return to this castle while playing NekoSuki… ;)

To finish up my insights, here’s a short fic I wrote, related to “Look Behind You”.
“Brave and Love” would be a game starring the same character (Zuleica) from LBY, and a wizard named Baldwin (her partner/lover).
It’s only in Brazilian Portuguese language for now, sorry!

Once again, thanks for making your gameplay video of my game! :D

I really appreciate that Kiwi Kimi is a fun and challenging action-adventure platformer, with a nice focus on its narrative. It’s a great combination!

I liked the dialogues, and the story’s focus on the characters’ feelings.

This game has much potential!​ :D

A nice and challenging 2D platformer.
Needs some polish, but this game has potential!

I stopped at the stage with the two crusher blocks. I feel that the game’s current gravity is too high, making the jumps less forgiving than they should, and also making the player have too little time to react to the crusher blocks.

I think if the gravity force is lowered down a bit, then the platforming gameplay will be spot-on!

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​A nice Flappy Bird clone.
Nicer tap controls than Flappy Bird, in my opinion!

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Thank you for unearthing this game we made :D
It was fun to play it again after all these years!

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Oi, Nise! Infelizmente, não tenho mais o código-fonte desse projeto. Pelo menos eu tinha a build Windows guardada 😥

Eu poderia fazer um remake desse runner (com versão WebGL), usando novas ferramentas que tenho agora 😆 Mas no momento estou focado no projeto “NekoSuki! Kitty Love Adventure” (3D Platformer + Visual Novel)

Discord do NekoSuki!, com as novidades do projeto 😺❤

​Cute art! But the gameplay is very frustrating in this version. Many times I press Jump, but the cat doesn’t jump :(

I think the cat’s jump is too high, maybe you could reach that same height with two jumps. I think the gameplay would feel better with a double jump.

Cool little monkey game! :)

I kinda miss a Restart button after the match ends, so I don’t need to reload the game page after the match. And the “You Lose” sound is a bit annoying, the volume of that could be lowered down a bit.

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It’s sad that you couldn’t have the energy to realize your game idea, but even then, you have to be proud of your work. Even a little text can mean so much, and be very inspiring to others. :)
Well done text, I think many devs can relate to those feelings.

Very nice system! Any ETA of its availability in the Asset Store?

That was a very great read! The kind of narrative that can only be achieved within the videogame/Visual Novel medium… Well done!

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Hi, people! From now on, I’m posting the game’s latest news on NekoSuki!’s Discord community. I also post news on my Twitter.

Join NekoSuki!’s Discord for the latest news! :3

[Unity tip] If you add/delete some bones from your .fbx model, and then you reimport it to Unity, some weird deformations may happen in your prefabs. Drag another instance of your fbx, try to copy the bone’s transform from it! :D

Cool shot (^▽^) <(`^´)>

Hi! 😺❤ About NekoSuki, I'm currently in the middle of some code refactoring and optimizations. Can't show it yet, but the results are very promising! :D

I'm aiming for a more modular and better structured codebase, for character (players, enemies) abilities and the like, and also to make it easier to implement new (and reusable) gimmicks and gameplay elements to the levels, to make them really fun to explore and full of surprises! 🎁

I'm also aiming for a 3D Platformer game that can be played and runs well in lower-end devices (notebooks with integrated graphic cards, smartphones, tablets...), so I'm testing some techniques to optimize my game. :)

Stay tuned! I'll show some development results soon ;3

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I made an Unity editor script, to quickly load a folder full of 3D models (.fbx, but it can be easily extended for other formats), and generate their respective prefabs! (and optionally auto-add some Colliders and Rigidbodies)

It's a nice timesaver :3

I think it would be very cool if you shared your game with the folks at r/ApeEscape subreddit and Discord! :D

I played your game at Unisinos Festival Atômico yesterday, it was very fun!

I loved the toxic waste stage, where your char can become a giant, so epic! xD

The minigames reminded me a lot of Ape Escape:Pumped and Primed (PS2), you should check out that game for more inspiration! :)

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During this weekend, I worked on some Target Platform switcher scripts for Unity, to make platform switching faster.
I frequently need to switch platforms from Windows to Android (and vice-versa), so I made some experiments, with awesome results!

This first script, I believe will work on any OS:

And this one here is EVEN FASTER, using symlink operations (but only for Windows systems!)

My NekoSuki! project has a bit above 3GB of assets, so to switch platforms (from Windows to Android, for example) it takes something like 2 hours (in my notebook).
With the symlink switcher, each switch (after the first one) takes only 3 minutes! Isn't that a big productivity boost :D

I hope these scripts are useful to Unity game devs! ;3

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A sketch I made of Akimi! :3

Akimi is a scientist catgirl, who loves to invent things and develops all of the heroes' gadgets!
She is also very kind to her younger sister Natsuki. Akimi always took great care of her sister since they were kids.

She knows Natsuki harbors a great love for their (human) childhood friend, Shiki.
So, when the two catgirls are reunited with Shiki once again after many years, Akimi is eager to match her sister with her best friend.

But, what about her own feelings...?

Hi, everyone!
Sorry for the lack of news about NekoSuki! >m<

I'm currently adjusting the game's UI system, and I'm really considering using Houdini (by SideFX) to optimize the game's level design and 3D art. So now, I'm also a bit busy studying Houdini... xD

Stay tuned for more news! :3

By the way, try watching the video with this song in the background :3
That's the kind of music I'm aiming for in NekoSuki!

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In that video, Natsuki's voice actress is 小日向 さくら (Sakura Kohinata)
I think her voice fits really well with the character! :3

I bought this voice pack from the Unity Asset Store:
Voices of Sakura Kohinata

New video of NekoSuki! :3
Testing the basic gameplay, attacks, jumps, camera, damage, running around...

Actually, in this model I just used the base provided by that Nekomimi Sample link, and tweaked the base model in VRoid Studio. But I noticed that there wouldn't be an easy way to just attach the ears to another model/hair in VRoid Studio (the ears are joined with the main hair).

But I recently learned about Blender's CATS plugin. With it, I think you can easily mix and match parts of a model with another (alternatively, you can use Blender's native features for that). There's a very useful feature that can separate the model's parts!

Some tutorials that show CATS plugin in action:

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#Nekosuki logo sketch!
Featuring cats and Valentine's Day chocolate! xD

Hello, everyone! :3

I think it won't be (very) long until I upload an "one level demo" of Nekosuki! Maybe at the end of this month...
It'll be a demo with a simple level, but I'll make a "complete" level from start to finish, to show you the kind of gameplay experience I'm aiming for.

I still want to adjust and implement some things first... But what I can say for now is: I already integrated Unity's 3D Game Kit (Lite) with my Kinematic Character Controller-based controller. So there's already some nice gameplay features implemented, together with KCC's physics system! :)

I'm also working a bit on the art side of things...
Here's a quick sketch I made today for the game's logo.

P.S.: Here's a sketch I made (from November, 2018) of Haruka, another character from the game. :p

Poor chibi Natsuki... Trying to reach big Natsuki x3