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One button head swinging!

A colleague of mine is running a game-a-week class and I decided to follow along. Besides the one button theme was a good chance to get back to my arcade roots.

I'd also been looking for a chance to use Doodle Studio 95, which is I highly recommend. It's a lot of fun and has some very smart features.

Go for it!

Not at the moment although I've thought about adding a way to export the top 10 ships or somehting along those lines.

Weird. I'm sorry it was being funky for you. I actually have seen that full screen issue on occasion with openFrameworks, although I'm not sure what causes it. I'm glad you got it to work, and I think it's awesome that you put your own files in!

Hmm. I'm sorry! I'm not sure what that would be. Any luck with compatibility mode? If not can you describe what it does (or doesn't do)?

Awesome. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for the heads up. I believe that I have run into this issue with other openFrameworks applications on Windows so I would say downloading it is your best bet.

I'll make a note in the readme & install instructions as well.