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So many gorgeous visual effects crammed into this! Great work!

Love it

Great work on the game feel! All of the movement feels fantastic.

This looks so slick!

I love the trails! Great use of the fill patterns. My high score is 87.

Great work on this! There's so much game logic crammed into it!


Nice work on the visuals!

Great work! My best so far is 99,943!

I'm sure folks will blow me out of the water but my high score is 50.1!

Yup you got it exactly! The same trick is used the generate & move the obstacles!

Really cool!

Super stylish! Good work!

This is amazing! The level of polish is through the roof!


Looks amazing! I love the polygon car. My best was 24.

Really cool! 21 was my high score

Hey I missed this back when you posted it, but thank you!


I really like this one! Kiting the boss but trying to solve each mini-maze in time is really compelling.

Thanks! The actual gameplay code wound up being pretty small so I had some room for window dressing!

I really enjoyed yours! Loved the way it felt like Pitfall or other atari games that let you move from screen to screen.

Really enjoyed this one. Great work!

2340 is my high score!

Oh this is so fun. I remember my parents digging out their old computer when I was a kid and there were a few games to try. This one and Ultima were the only good ones they had!

I wish I could remember how to get to the enchanted bear. He was my favorite part, but I can't find his cave now.

Thank you!!

I'm working on a new paid game that is played primarily as a Discord bot, but I would like to distribute it through Itch if possible.

The system I have in mind is that players would download a key (from my itch page) and send it to the bot to unlock the game on their server.

Preferably, I would like to have a few tiers here (single game, lifetime pass etc). Setting up tiered downloads on Itch is easy as can be, but I am wondering if there is a way to have multiple lists of external keys such that depending on which download a user selects when purchasing the project, the key they get is from a different list.

Right now it looks like if I upload a list of external keys, those keys will be available to anybody who owns the project, regardless of what price they paid or which download they chose.

I realize that this is not exactly what the external key functionality is made for, so I understand if this just isn't how it works.

Late to this party, but please include my game PARTICLE MACE

One button head swinging!

A colleague of mine is running a game-a-week class and I decided to follow along. Besides the one button theme was a good chance to get back to my arcade roots.

I'd also been looking for a chance to use Doodle Studio 95, which is I highly recommend. It's a lot of fun and has some very smart features.

Go for it!

Not at the moment although I've thought about adding a way to export the top 10 ships or somehting along those lines.

Weird. I'm sorry it was being funky for you. I actually have seen that full screen issue on occasion with openFrameworks, although I'm not sure what causes it. I'm glad you got it to work, and I think it's awesome that you put your own files in!

Hmm. I'm sorry! I'm not sure what that would be. Any luck with compatibility mode? If not can you describe what it does (or doesn't do)?

Awesome. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for the heads up. I believe that I have run into this issue with other openFrameworks applications on Windows so I would say downloading it is your best bet.

I'll make a note in the readme & install instructions as well.