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I can help translate En <–> Es

EDIT Also, as a longtime Wikipedian I know that they sometimes do care about the use of the Wikipedia logos, you might want to check out their trademark policies

This is an amazing game as is, and has potential for many more variations.

Any plans to include other languages?

Hypothetically, if I had a Spanish translation of your texts, would you release a Spanish version?

Genial! En unos días te mando un mail, en lo que voy formalizando las ideas. Muchas gracias por la atención, saludos!

Oh genial, prefiero escribir en español también :)

Voy a intentar reinstalar manualmente Y a través del cliente, para ver qué ocurre. Puedo reportarte resultados mañana después de hacer limpieza profunda de mi equipo.

Espero con ansias las actualizaciones. ¿Tienes algún sitio para sugerencias?

Thanks for the quick reply!

What kind of files are you talking about? Exporting to PDF / txt?

Neither works… in a way. After fiddling for a while, I’ve found what’s happening.

The regular installation from the client saves files to a “new user” folder under C:\Users\ called itch-player-something, which is different from my own regular user. Even though Mnemonic itself is running from my regular user folder (in %appdata%) it asks for admin rights before accessing my regular ~\Documents folder.

Is this the intended behavior? I’m relatively new to myself, so I’ve never seen this happen before. I’m also noticing that on the exported PDF the author is listed as the same itch-player-something from before.

Other than that, the program seems to work as intended. Thanks a lot!

Hi! Is there any way to troubleshoot Mnemonic Desktop not saving files?