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The key factor of this opening is moving the lone builder directly up (or down, as Blue). If you place this just right, then on turn 2 you can build a third on the Rich Resources which activates starting turn 4, giving you a solid Econ opening for the rest of the game. I'd suggest also using your extra resources to start another builder on whichever lane you'd like to exert pressure on.

The shorthand for the build looks like

2 mine 1

1 mine 1  builder 2

This is the core sequence. After this, I suggest something like

1 mine 3 (one south builder, moving other ones towards the open space)

1 barracks 1 academy 4 (this turn, your resources start at a healthy 180/+140, setting you up for a rich early game)

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So you've decided you want to try out Base Wars, but you're not sure how.

First off, if you're not familiar with the controls or progression system, go into a local game and build some mines. Build a barracks, then choose either armory (damage buffs + advanced barracks troops), guild (melee/stealth/support focus), or lab (ranged/magic/support focus). Also, build an academy if you get a chance. It allows you to upgrade universal traits like vision and move range, and (arguably more importantly) unlocks defensive structures.

Playing a game by yourself is nice for learning and all, but it can feel quite lifeless. The true substance of Base Wars is in PvP- you should try that ASAP.

To do that, join our Discord (linked on main page) and ask around. We're a friendly bunch, and we'll gladly play a game :)

Once you've gotten a couple games in, it should click and you'll have the basics down! From there, it only gets better.

Bonus tip: the #1 mistake I see new players make is passive play. They feel like their troops are insignificant or that they're behind, despite how the other player has just as limited resources as them. 

Generally speaking, harassing the enemy is often the best strategy as Base Wars rewards aggression as much as defense.

In short, proactiveness wins games; passiveness loses them.

-- Move Scouting --

If you've got a unit near a corner, but you can't see around the corner, look at its move shape! Sometimes that will reveal the silhouettes of units that may be there.

Looking at the move shape of a unit is also the only/best way to spot invisible units (like upgraded Scout, and Ninja), so keep an eye out for those when you're moving as well! 

The game can be a bit intimidating initially, so hopefully this guide will help you learn the basics.

Once you've got it set up (see setup guide), go to local game (top right button) and set the time at the bottom to the longest setting. Then, choose whichever map looks nicest to you.

Click on units/buildings to select them, then click the actions in the bottom right to do them. You can do every action in any order, but if a unit starts building something, then it's busy until the structure's finished.  Hover over actions to get more info about them.

Lastly, building mines is very important- Mines in yellow give you +20 resources/turn, and mines in pink give you +40/turn. But that's the catch- mines can only be built in the yellow and pink zones.

Build a barracks and take a few turns to march some troops over to the other base. You win when you destroy their Nexus.

And that's it! Everything from here is just producing better troops more efficiently, taking resource areas/defending, and researching troop upgrades. Try out different builds and troop types, and come join us for a game at the Discord:

Base Wars community · Created a new topic Texture Packs

Currently there's only 2 texture packs, Simplex and Moderno. Simplex is the default, and the one I created. I hired an artist for Moderno, and it turned out much better.

I would recommend playing a game or 2 with each and seeing which you'd prefer.

Also, if you're an artist interested in this project, texture packs are very easy to create. Just copy one of the ones in data/spritepacks and go from there. 

If you have any questions, or you're interested in the Base Wars community, feel free to join our Discord:

This is true, and something I've thought a bit about. I'm still not sure what would be the best way to balance it, but I'm thinking a starting resource advantage (something like +20, but varying map to map). On larger maps though it's less pronounced, probably similar to something like playing White in chess.

For larger maps (Boombox/Starry), there's basically no reason to build barracks turn 1. It's so much more optimal to focus on econ until you're sitting at +150/+200, then shift to constructing barracks, researches, and starting on your late game builds.

Going into midgame, I'd recommend taking 1 expand and building mines only when you're floating the resources anyways. Aim for a pink resource field and only build a nexus there if you're planning a resource heavy late game (like carrier + swarmhosts).  And during all this, make sure to fight for the center/see what resources you can snipe. Killing a single mine is at least +70, because it's also denying resource income.

On smaller maps, it plays a lot simpler and more aggressive.  It's quite rare to get into endgame, or even midgame. This is where cheese strats (turn 1 barracks, rush) are more effective, making scouting more relevant.

These are my observations from ~10-20 games with friends, though none with the new content.

Base Wars community · Created a new topic Builds

The build RPS of this game so far seems to be territory control/aggro econ beats defensive econ beats quick military beats aggressive econ.

I've found that build effectiveness depends mostly on map size, though.

On smaller maps, sometimes I like to open with Barracks turn 1 to get an aggressive lead, but that makes it really difficult to start building econ. It's only worth it if you can use the early troops to shut down their build. Playing aggressive with your remaining builders can also work as an all-in. This gets beat by a double-mine turn 1 and defensive Barracks turn 3, I think.

On larger maps, I try to control the center/pink econ locations for a midgame macro win. This feels pretty optimal, but I've only really played it against conservative econ players.

I'd like to see others try out different build matchups and find their own preferred builds.