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James Malloy

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The art in this is incredible. I’ve spend so much time staring at the cover.

This is a very fun game. It hits all the great L&F moments with the addition of a hot thing that happens when you hit your number. If you're looking for a quick and easy game to run or play about hot librarians you really wont find a better game than this.

Extremely good story game. I went in expecting good things but I spent about twice as much time playing as I thought I would and the story I told was deeper that I expected. Surprising me with great story is always a big plus for a game in my book. Easily worth twice the price.

I know not everyone can do this but, I highly recommend playing Princess World with Kevin. Kevin is an insightful game designer. The way he sees to the secret heart of  his own games and builds everything to support that is incredible.

 I got to play a Princess World game run by Kevin and it was a blessing. I still want to know what happened to my Space Princess who was thrown out into space! Come on Kevin WHERE IS SHE. WHERE DID THAT SPACETOPUS THROW HER. LET ME SKATE OFF THE MOON.