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Yeah, that's what I assumed they would be. Glad we played it right last night then! Thank you. 

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I'm wondering, I see the term Menace used as part of the tremor prompts as if it was a game term from somewhere else in the rules. What are menaces exactly and how are we supposed to interpret a prompt that speaks about menaces when we have created none. 

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Just purchased this today and I'm love with what I'm seeing so far!

I keep wondering if there's ways  to involve the Minor Arcana in a more significant way. 

Have you thought about making an alternate fortune system using the minor arcana to resolve rolls?

I'm thinking for the mundane world, drawing two A-10 cards and comparing to gauge x2. And maybe for the Castle using court cards, trying to match suits to the suit of the move? The higher the bonus the more cards you can draw?

It probably messes up the math a lot, but I'm wondering if it's a significant enough change. The benefit I see is that Tarot readers could, however, totally color their narration with what meaning the cards evoke. (An athletic success with a 10 of Wands, means probably that the character was able to 'let go of unnecessary weight')

Just some random thoughts! Thank you for this amazing piece of art! 

Any plans to create Playbooks for each of the Court Cards ?