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In my today's playthrought i:

Found a planet with nothing just with this lonely guy;

Found this bug(?) Where if you shot LOTS of seeds in only one planet this big white ball appears in the sky

and i reached 1013 score :)

Well that might be it, but idk i'm still sus from that enemy tho

Yea i was just walking but i also think it's the hitbox because that one enemy attacked me and then i teleported

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Ok so basically i was spawned in the right and went down to hit the enemy, i don't know if it's the wall collision or smt but i got teleported to the other side of the map idk how.

Hey mofu can i download the boss fight music cuz it's so good i want to put in my playlist 👍

Calling friends is way easier to play this game instead of waiting someone

Top 10 sad moments of all time:

So i found a bug where the guard got stuck in a wall here's some images:

He was only walking up and down forever


Also when i posted this comment i started playing this game again and then it happened again :/

You need to fix it quickly

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Oh! I forgot to mention that i cannot move but i think this is a bit obvious and also i was playing on mobile, maybe the bug is for mobile

Ayo bro i found this bug where i'm just non-existent and the enemies see me but they just attack the air and i don't get hit

VEEERY useful, when i discovered that you can disable cameras i literally became millionaire

Very cool game i played it for hours and learned all tricks in the game >:)

and i have the same trouble too, when i click to go to next level i get stuck in the screen where it shows your level and how many times you passed in level 1

It's NOT i use vpn to play the game too and the creator himself is tolding you to use it bruh (i use vpn to play bc without vpn i get stuck in loading screen, that sucks)

Ok 👍

Why i can't make private lobbies?

then i'm very lucky

1% chance? I get this mushroon a lot of times!

Nice update >:)

Mofu não é br, mofu provavelmente usa tradutor pra responder a gente


And i want to donwload on my android


wow thats was really cool