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This is good start to your game programming career :) I really like the cut-scene that gets you ready for the game. You need to put some controls in the game so players know how to get into the ship and control it. I couldn't work out what to do with the collectables (green things) but that might be because my French isn't too great :)

Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. It was a fun game to make!

Don't forget to only start your timer AFTER the player starts the game :)

Really enjoyed playing this Rhun! I didn't watch the video first so things got quite confusing but found Wally in the end. Great job getting the portals working!

The like the fact that the level layout seems to be symmetrical which adds to disorientation when looking for the totems. It would've been nice to have a function for switching the torch on/off. Maybe a battery saver or a 'low light' mode so you can still partially see? Also it's worth giving the player the option to replay the game when you win/lose :)

Loved playing around with the power smash and it works well with the afterburner effect. Just a shame you left the debug messages on screen :(

Thank you for playing! :)