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I love inventive mechanics like this!

I encountered two seemingly unintended effects.

1: By mashing spacebar, you can usually ignore bullets that aren't travelling parallel with you.

2: My first attempt ended when I respun a spool from within a block from the previous layer and got stuck inside.

This is possibly the best and most polished version of Ur on this site. The sounds and animation logic for hopping or sliding the pieces are a nice touch.

If you're interested in quality of life improvements, the camera switching sides between player turns is slightly distracting, especially when a zero is rolled. I know people often like to see a chessboard from their side, but I doubt a race game really needs it. 

Rolling the dice with the spacebar would also be nice, since I'm playing on desktop.

Other than that, it controls very intuitively. I've played versions that required me to select the piece and then the location, as if this were backgammon. Your version makes much more sense, since the dice can't be split.

I have to ask, is the whistling in the background based on the song from the Bad Lip Reading video on The Emperor Strikes Back?

Nice light sokoban game. The visual style is very nice. I occasionally had to look closely to find which blocks activated the others, but it wasn't a problem.

I couldn't seem to navigate the menu with the arrow keys, so the rhythm of play was mildly interrupted between levels when I had to switch to the mouse.

I must say, that is an excellent title. No idea how it connects to the game, but now I want to find out.

The cling makes it even easier to get out of bounds. If you wall run toward a 90° concave corner and repeatedly jump while holding shift, you can climb indefinitely.

For my part, I say please leave it in! It's acquired late in the game, and I don't think it breaks any of the challenges it's meant for. Breaking out of the barriers that held me in for most of the game is like a cherry on top of... a delicious sundae of exploration and skill mastery? It also fits with the theme of an unsustainable dream world.

While my first playthrough was a sinewave of being more or less lost, I enjoyed gradually putting together a mental map of the castle. The landmarks helped immensely (statue crossroad, inner courtyard, corridor to the throne room). The underbelly seemed deliberately mazelike, so no complaints there. If Sansa Castle were divided into zones with some visual cue, like a different texture on the walls, it could be even easier to keep my bearings.

This game portrays  where I am right now, down to the drawing and watching youtube at night. Well, I don't know if I'm depressed exactly, but I'm spinning my wheels, unmotivated. I figure I'll land a good job eventually if I keep looking, but who knows when that'll be? It's nice to feel less alone in that. Thanks.