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I managed to download the 43, but for some reason when I try to open it, it says that it is unable to start correctly.

Does the number matter? I downloaded it, but I'm still getting the same message. It said 43 not 47, so maybe that's it?

I tried to download it on Windows and it told me that apparently I'm missing the D3DCompiler and can't be opened? How do I get whatever that is so I can play this?

What is the answer to this question because I'm having the same issue when I'm on a date with him?

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Does how much I paid for it when I did influence if I can download the second season chapter now or not? I didn’t pay $10.50 or over so maybe that’s why I don’t see it when I go to download it. I see/saw it on that list but not on the one when you actually download the file.

Doesn't answer my problem. The Season 1 Complete just ends up saying Chapter 10 which is the first season. If that's not it,  the second season is not on the list when I go to download it.

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For some reason I'm able to download the others that are way more than I paid for it, but the second season doesn't show up? Why is that? I should be able to download it, and shouldn't have to wait until the end of the month to get it for free.

Is another chapter going to be added or is the game done?

The ones in your updates (adding videos and the CG Sets)

Are we going to see the images you've added recently in the second season? I was a little surprised / disappointed to not see them when playing Ch. 10.

When is Valentyne going to be updated with all new content? I see multiple posts on Twitter of new content and information for a while now, but nothing on here.

There needs to be a way to save and skip through the game. I don’t know if it saves on its own without it, but we don’t know that when we’re trying to save the game. As for skipping through it, we may not want to watch the boring parts and just want to play the good parts.

When is Chapter 8 going to be available?

Will the images on Patreon be used in the VN for those that can't afford to be a patron?

On PayPal though. There isn’t a purchase with card option.

I know I could probably purchase this on Steam, but there really needs to be an option to purchase any Ertal Games games on Itch.

When I was playing this game/VN, I had a strong impression that Zack, Braden and Mikhail would become a three person couple. Any chance that might happen?

When is the next chapter being released? I can't wait for more of Zack, Braden and Mikhail.

When is he next update coming out?

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Okay.... is it possible to delete my current folder and resave it to my computer? How do I download all your current updates and images to my computer too? I deleted it from my computer completely and can't seem to redownload it to my computer and have no idea how to do it.

I literally cannot find it in my files not on the download list, but the one on my computer and would like to try playing the mini games.

What I meant is where in the folder on my computer. I should've been more clear.

But where though? I can't seem to find it. I definitely should have it, but don't know if it is in a folder I'm not looking in or something.

How do you access the mini game? There's mention of a code, but where do I find the code to play the mini game?

Once I skipped over Part 1, it was really great. I enjoy playing this game/visual novel. Zack, Braden and Mikhail definitely have three way couple potential vibes. Would really like seeing that.

I can't seem to pay with my card. I added my card to my account and it is not saying I can pay with my card, only with PayPal, but I don't have PayPal. Will I need to readd my card to the credit or debit card section once I click the option?

Hey so has the release of Chapter 3 been pushed back or is it being released later tonight?

But why though? Why do any of the other chapters need to cost money? Can't they be free and the rest like the images just cost money?

This game is repetitive. Same choices over and over again. Is there even an ending to this game/novel? I honestly have no clue.

When is Chapter 3 coming out? I believe it has been over 4 weeks since it was supposed to come and I keep waiting for it to come for be announced, but it never came.

Are the other chapters ever going to be released without having to spend money or will you only ever be able to get them if you spend a certain amount of money?

Same here for Windows.

 I can't even play the demo thanks to the rar fire

There's no way to turn down the volume or skip through most of the unwanted stuff.

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Red Embrace was really good but way too short, lacked sexual content and some of the endings were depressing like our character becoming too savage as a newly turned vampire and being a slave for Dominic which isn't so bad, but still. It ends so soon we don't get to learn more about what happens next and etc.

Could you make a sequel of this game, exploring the relationship between our character and Amulka? Love the spellcasting and sets.

I loved Your Dry Delight. The music was great and liked how they had a glossary for all the 1920s words we didn't know. I just wish it was longer and had some sexual content.