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The rest of the Season 1 rework downloads should have 6-7 as well, not just 1-5.

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Whenever I tried to extract the files from the download (Mega), it kept saying it was an unexpected end of the archive and never finished it, so I couldn't play it.

There's a bug in the new update that is preventing me from proceeding with the story. When asking Theo about hearing voices, the 'An exception has occurred keeps popping up over and over again no matter how many times I ignore or rollback it.

Should really have a way to mute the music and sound, skip, and rollback to an early spot. Not everyone can or needs to have the music and sound that loud, or even on to begin with. Definitely a skip so people can skip to a more exciting part of the game and rollback if they want to play through that one little part again.

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Maybe instead of each chapter being separate, they should be together, so those that purchased the first chapter on here don’t have to keep purchasing it until the end of the game. The purchase would stay the same for each chapter update and people would save money.

There appears to be something wrong with this update. When I try to continue with the most recent save, the error message comes up and when I ignore it, it takes me to the beginning of the game.

The games are really good. The art is so good, it is as if I was looking at the anime series. The games are a bit shorter than it should be, but otherwise it is great. Kaminari could be a potential love interest for a possible future game.

Windows. I did as you suggested and still nothing.

Can't seem to open up the game. I click on the file for the application, but nothing happens. No error message or anything.

The full version should be uncensored, or at least have the option to censor it.

There is a character missing from that Soldiers game; Thomas. You also seem to call him Steve instead of Thomas sometimes which is really confusing.

You should really have demos for each game you make, not just one or two, so people can see if they like it before they actually buy it.

Is the $3 permanent or just temporary? I would really like to play the update without paying anything.

Focus less on DF releases, what you did in the game and etc. and more on providing a summary of what the game is about.

The info on the Patreon page should really be on here, so people can get more interested and informed on here rather than having to go through the hassle of going to the Patreon page and back to here. It would save time.

Is the Season Finale the finale of Season 1 or the end of the entire game? Really hoping it is the former and not the latter. I am enjoying the game too much to want it to end so soon.

Any chance that we will have the option to change our hairstyles to something similar to the ones that appear before getting our hair back after being bald?

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When is the public release of ver 0.20 going to be released already? It has been weeks since it was released to Patrons, but still nothing on the Public Release.

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The Public Release was amazing, but lacked those intimate, explicit scenes that we usually get. They should've been added or we should've at least gotten our own poll open to the public where we could choose to include those scenes or not.

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Why is it taking so long to get to everyone else? It has been days since the Early Release and the Public Release should be out by now, so what gives?

What is with this delay post on your Patreon page? If there's an important message we need to know about the game like the release date is being delayed, everyone should be able to read it, not just your patrons.

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Rather than start sending everyone the new update until the Public Release days later, maybe it would be better to send it every day until the Public Release. This way, people don’t have to wait days to start getting it. They can get it right away and the PR would be out sooner.

It says that it failed to load mono. If it means the Mono folder, then I definitely downloaded that to my computer. Windows/PC

There is something wrong with the game when I try to download it. I downloaded every file of the game, but I keep getting some weird error message or something.

The Dom route is way too harsh and could be a little nicer while still being Dominant.

But why just Jared's though? Unless Anna's has it that I'm not aware of. I have accessed Sam's and Fatima's even if they're not the PLI.

The game could use a way to delete saves in case you didn't need one anymore, to make room and etc.

The 'mind powers' scene in Cole's route should be accessible even if he isn't the primary love interested and hugged him in the previous update, though without the hug part or maybe something similar to Sam's and Fatima's.

When will the public version be released for those who don't have a Patreon account and may not be able to afford it?

When can we expect the new game to be released on here for those without Patreon accounts.

Too short, but otherwise not bad.

Now that the 3.6 Early Access is out, when will it be available to the public?

At the beginning of the game, it/the Computer asks for a Patreon code? Say we did get the code, what kind of new content would we get if we got it?

The Chad scene shouldn't only be available if we decide not to try to rescue Anna. It should also be able if we escape from Anna. Maybe we could choose where we end up, Sarge's quarters with Chad or wherever the Grokboks are.

Talking to Anna in her bunk shouldn't make her kick us out if it (her attitude) isn't high enough. We should be able to talk to her and get the chance to increase it to allow us the chance to get it high enough if we want.

There are some scenes missing from the Virtual Stable that should probably be on there. I don’t know if it is some kind of bug or glitch or it is on purpose, but I thought you should know.

The walkthroughs should really have the results/outcomes of each choice like whether they gain point(s) or lose them, so the player can pick the choice that they want and know ahead of time what the outcome would be.

A skip button should really be added, so we can skip over the parts we don't want to go through, especially if we're playing through it again and don't want to play through certain parts all over again.