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Yes, I tried v0.2 and I managed to pass the first character and then after some time it restarted. It would be nice to see the progress in percent. That way player will know how much % is left until end of the level and how successful was attempt =) Thanks

I like it... feels like you cooking cookies :D Thanks!

Really cool, thanks!

I just got the idea that I have to select instructions ahead and pick some items which should help me pass the level. I have never played anything with similar mechanics before. I like it! I hope to see more levels in the future =)

Thank you so much! Let me try =)

Is this whole game play? I like the animation but it was just for 15 sec. The whole games makes my notebook hot like I am running Witcher on highest settings. BUT I like the art and background music.

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Thanks, interesting story (the leaves took me some time), original art and I thought quests are dead but apparently they just moved to different place =) I like your UI solution for popup background: in addition to blur, you also used diagonal lines, which helps user better understand that it's overlay. I will definitely use it, thank you! 

Very interesting concept and looks really nice. Good job!

Cool! I like the game

I hope to see more levels, GREAT job!

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Nice puzzle and traps :D I like the design and the level design. It's really easy to make dead end but there is always a way to fix your mistake. Thanks

UPD: I just said that it's easy to lockout yourself and I did it =) I took the green trophy, then fly back... when I reached the door, the level gets reset. I thought it was intentional, so I moved forward, took another check point and then here where I am.

The game idea is interesting! Is there any key to quickly switch between eraser and brush? Can the failure sound at least be muted because it's way gross.  Also, is that really possible to pass level? Probably I am doing it wrong but I cannot pass even first level, does not matter how many times I tried. I believe first few levels should be way simple, to attract user and develop skills (better understand when what instrument should be used). All in all, good work!

Thanks for the game. Looks interesting but I found that I could simply ignore the cats which are spooky and wait for the ones who let me come without any issues. I believe you should punish character for scaring the cats =) As for now I reached the level 1275 but next one around 1900 looks way long. BTW I would prefer to see frame of the progress, so I can stop cuddling before cat gets bored. Thanks for your work!

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Oh... so you have instant restart on F7. Let me try with Z button =) I want to place them ideally!

UPD: Tried with Z key, it's way too simple. Especially, it's easy to place first 35 perfectly by simply hitting Z key fast since eggs move chicken body as well. Thank you!

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Few seconds before I die with 75 record. Currently I could suggest three things:

1) Can you make tears sound less aggressive? Unless it was intentional, I am clicking on a jump key many times when I hear it :D

2) Can you add golden egg which you can earn for every 20/30 eggs? This golden egg unlike other egg could be spawn by space key and moves less than other eggs. This will give additional strategy to the egg placement =) As you can see, I found that holding last eggs with body is more effective than trying to place them naturally... and destroy the rest to finish level intentionally.

3) The R button to restart the level. If I can see that initial egg placement is not ideal, I would prefer to restart level. Killing myself on a a circular saw takes time =)


p.s. it's also better to finish level on a left side because there is a chance to have more eggs on a conveyor belt before the last one gets destroyed.

Thanks, let me try to spawn more eggs =)

Well done then, I though that levels are randomly generated. Is it always the same level? It's very difficult to make whole game really random (too much code) BUT there is a simpler solution. You can try create a level chunks, for example 10x10 with possible entrance points in the middle (left, top, right, bottom). Then if you have lets say 20 different templates, you can randomly arrange them as a mosaic. Then you just need an algorithm to check that randomly generated map has a solution. If it does not have, then create a new one. It's not a proper solution but it will quire less time than proper random level generation.

Taking in an account that this is your first game, I would say good job! As for the enemy jumping in/out of the edge, you can check this short but useful video

Good job Vlad, I managed to do only 49 =) BTW why eggs have a shape of plum seed? Also when I jump, sometimes eggs come from the front, instead of back of the chicken. BUT in general very interesting concept and very challenging!

Nice work =) I like the idea that levels are randomly generated. Do you plan to add simple crab leg animation and may be different background sound? It was making me stress =) However, may be it was intentional, to keep us moving fast.

I agree and I would suggest to use keyboard arrows. They are way more natural for this type of "character" movement.

Looks good. I like the fact that some levels contain puzzle element. I personally, would prefer to have rabbit character smaller. They looks like I cannot properly jump on them =) Also I would reduce their hit box by 10% than actual body size. The main character frog, looks awesome. Please add more levels!