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Andrew Petersell

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This is super neat!  Well done, and super relatable!  I really liked the *SPOILER* big payoff moment when you rise above the structure and see all the rooms from above.  Not sure if it's just my machine, but the mouse sensitivity is VERY high.  I understand that part of the core conceit is that it is difficult to navigate the space, but I found myself a bit frustrated when I would lose myself in a void of black just because my hand slipped a bit.  I would suggest tuning it down a tad.

This is my new favorite game of all time

Aig is your primary character, so you largely control his schedule throughout the game.  As for the outfits, the boys sure are cool, but they're not very perceptive. :)

Unfortunately, probably not.  XIX as a band name is pretty integral to our overall narrative, and we've already generated many assets with the logo on it already.

Hey! As of right now, there are no romancing options in the game, though we are open to putting them in somewhere down the line.  As for music genres  the direction the band takes is largely based off of the decisions you make in the game, and that may or may not be reflected in the music ;)