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thank you for the clarification, I personally did take offense with the first statement at the beginning, however the long comment makes up for it and I would love to know the names of those games so I can give them a try. I worked on this game alone and it was my first time using unity so I definitely hope to improve the game over time, I mean when I first submitted the game I had absolutely no sound or music but quickly got a comment saying you definitely should add sound so I crunched hard to find some sounds that worked and added them.  I look forward to giving your game a try later this weekend ,the comments make it seem really good.

do you mind letting me know what is so bad about the game?

thank you for the feedback 

I love the art and design for the game, I had a lot of fun moving through the world, I totally get that you guys probably couldn't get a whole bunch of stuff done that you planned but all together It is super fun and interesting to play and I wish there was more. Sound was also spot on, only feedback would be indication that the boss was taking damage and I want more :0

I took what you said into account and I have added some sounds to the game as well as music if you want to give the game another try. Thanks again for the feedback.

I used Velocity for the jumping I definitely wish I knew more on how to mess with the movement using velocity but I am super glad you had fun. If you want to check the game out again I added some sounds to make the game feel better with feedback to the player.

Hey thank you for the feedback, I know sound is definitely a important aspect for a game I had unfortunately run out of time, and is the aspect of game design I am definitely lacking in skill for overall. Thank you for playing it and giving me feedback.