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Thanks for playing and commenting!

> I kept accidentally hitting W to try and jump

That's interesting. I had a tough time deciding what action to map to what key. I use arrows myself, so I appreciate the feedback on the WASD scheme. Maybe I'll add a screen at the beginning to let people choose what jump is.

Thanks for playing!

> Can't believe this was put together in just a week!

It was a lot of work! I was lucky enough to have an idea that fit the theme and the time to put it together this week. :)

Hey! I put up a few more levels. I added a free roam level after the win screen with a bunch of crates and the ability to change both the "to" and "from" patterns. You can skip the levels you already played. Instructions are on the game page.

Thanks for checking it out!

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I just uploaded a couple more levels. There's also a toy level at the end where you can change both the "to" and "from" patterns.

You can skip over levels if you want, since you've already played the earlier ones. Instructions are on the game page under "Controls".

Hey, I just uploaded a few more levels. There's a free run level at the end where you can change both the "to" and "from" patterns, if you want to play around. Let me know if you find any interesting patterns!

You can skip over levels if you want. Instructions are on the game page under "Controls".


New levels are coming. I was just taking a break from them to check out the comments here. Back to work! :)

Thanks for playing. Glad you like it!

Yes, I completed it and got a lot of coin! ;)

Congrats on finishing the game! I thought the concept was pretty cool. I died a lot! ;)

That's much better! I got to the end this time. Nice job!

Thanks. Glad you like it!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked it!

> simplicity of mechanic

I had my playtester (my SO) play the original version, and it was too complicated. So, I love hearing that the end result was simple.

> levels

I just finished one new level this evening. I want to build a few more, and then I'll put them up.

Great! I'll check it out!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Sorry. I don't use Unity. :(

I had to cut it short to make the jam deadline, but there are a few more in the works.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Great! You'll get more plays that way. :)

Cool puzzles. Fits the theme of the jam. Nicely done!

It works with the theme of the jam. Keep it up!

I'd love to play it, rate it and give you feedback. Any chance you'll put up a web version?

Graphics are really nice and consistent throughout! Nice job. And the sound does a good job of underscoring the "heist" theme.

I seemed to run into a bug. When you get caught, you're sent back to the beginning of the level, and after that point, you don't seem to be able to pick anything up.

Nicely done otherwise.

Thanks for playing and for posting feedback! I've got a few more levels in the works!

Great! I'll keep my screen shot as a trophy of getting to the last wave +1 in vintage "An Otter Wizard".

I can't claim to be a pro. I usually just stop adding mechanics when I've used up WASD and space! ;)

I should say that I never got into FPS gaming on the PC and I'm all thumbs when it comes to WASD and the mouse.

Thanks for checking it out. Glad you liked it!

I got to the second customer and stopped because the dialogue took so long to display. :( I'll check it out again when I've got more time.

That was pretty cool! I liked the art style and the concept works well with the jam theme.

The controls were a little tough for me. WADF, space, tab, plus mouse click is a lot of buttons to keep track of, particular when I had to jump and shoot.

Nice game, though!

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The drawings are really nice! The sound was strong as well; the 'wave start' sound is great.

I got to stage 2, wave 6/5. And the game was ... over? I could still move, but no new waves showed up.

Interesting interpretation of the Weekly Game Jam theme!

I liked the pixel art. You carried it through pretty nicely and it has some real personality. The differing pixel sizes between the dialogue frame, the font, and the background kind of works against the effect.

I think you could make a big improvement with a small change:

Currently, the dialogue text is displayed character by character. It's *really* slow. If you click the down arrow, it skips to the next dialogue. If you could change this so that the click shows you all of the dialogue and only advances if all of the dialogue is on-screen, that'd be really helpful.

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The game is true to the theme of this week's Weekly Game Jam.

I'm not sure if it's my setup, but I couldn't make the hero "shoot" anything. Is "shoot" actioned with a normal click?

Edit: Nevermind about the clicking. TIL, Construct doesn't accept "clicks" from my trackpad.

Nice idea! The hand drawn game art was a nice touch.

I found the physics a little difficult to deal with. The hero gets a new dx/dy when the "orbits" are released. And when it comes into an orbit, its dx/dy changes suddenly. It feels a little jarring and it's hard to figure out which way he's going to go in advance.

I love the idea, though! Nice work!

Fun little infinite runner for the Weekly Game Jam. The game works with the "irregular superpowers" theme.

I'm not sure if it's my setup, but the framerate was really low – maybe in the 10 fps range. Also, the "reset" button is positioned almost completely outside of the window:

Gotcha. Thanks for the feedback!


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Thanks for playing! What didn't you like about the controls? Any suggestions for improving them?


It's not something I've ever looked into with the framework I'm using. Sorry.

Thanks for the feedback and telling me where you're coming from! It's fun to see the game in the wild!

> Personally, didn't care so much for the loud/generic music and retro sound effects, I think they detract from the unique nature of the game.

I've taken that into account for future games. Maybe since this little guy's gotten some attention, I should update it so the music isn't so loud.

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Are you talking about "Berserker and Thumbnail Maker"? If so, that's very kind of you, but you're too generous.