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I really like it, but there should be a part where u couldn´t kill a patiente beacause is part of the mafia or something like that, i feel that the mafia only take part when you die. 

There are some bugs like in the 6 stage, but i like it anyway. Hope to see more of your games.

Not gonna lie, after dying 230 times to complete the game i still like it. The differences between easy and hard is pretty much 2 - 3 hours, and the baby triping on were both: funny and annoying, over all i liked it, hope to see more levels.

Just gonna say that I loved it and the baker was tougher than i thought

Btw my content is in spanish but if you would like to see more indie games like this, you can take a look at my channel

Really good!I loved the mini games and the moster, hope to see future games :D

DAMN THAT WAS HARD AS F*CK, but i did it, the key is to left the sword to the end.

Well, at least i still have X

Really good demo, i would like to see how it's gonna be when it's done.

I thought it was easy, but when some random comets started coming from behind and the red ones started coming by two, i lost it xd, but i really liked it.

I would like to see the trilogy of this game :D

Here is my channel if you would like to see more games in spanish / Acá dejo mi canal si quieren ver más juegos gratis en español

Here some tips that i think could help improve the game:

- Each enemy should be harder than the previous one, personaly the first one were harder than the second or third.

- Option to lower the music and the effects, not to turn it off.

- Don't use white text over light colors (White, yellow, pink, etc.) is hard to read.

In the first level i was like: Ok not bad, a little hard but nothing  impossible. The second and third were play & chill, but if someone can beat "So Katt-P remix", he/she/god, have my respects.

I really like the game, here are some tips that i think could help improve the game:

1. Show the EXP that the hero needs to lv up, is hard to know when to stop farming when you don't know how long it will take you to lv up. Also, the lv could increase other stats asides "attack", like accurasity, obiously in the higher floors, the enemy will hace higher accurasy too.

2. Add a desciption to the spells as well as the MP that each one cost (Even when all spell cost 1 MP, it will be more interesting if the earthquake or the fireball  could cost 2 MP in higher levels ).

3. Description of the objects, when i got 2 crystal balls i tried to equip it to the wizard to recoverd 2MP per battle, but that didn't work, you can make this items "unique" if you only want that this effect only activates onces.

4.I get that the "tombs" can be use to farm, but it could be more interesting if you could purify them, with some object of the shop or some skill of W/C.

5.I didn´t end to understand the used of "The pool of charm" i know that it can kill you if you step in after the game have warned you, and that you can cross it with the rope, but you could make it a zone between floors 25-30, in wich you will need a pair of "boots" that can make you walk on it, and create new enemies, but this is only a suggestion, you don't need to include it.

6.The objects "Belt, helmet, cloack, etc" can also be used to improve other stats than defense and attack

7.Give the bosses more attacks, i only tried it in hard, but the first boss only have physical attacks, the second boss only summon wisp, and the Dragon i only saw him doing fisical attacks, furthermore, the dragon is affected by venom, this made the fight more easy that the second boss.

8.As we can go to the camp thanks to the portal in the boss room, you can make the bosses harder, especially because we'll come with full health and full Mp.

And i think that is all, hope to see future updates :D

I like the game, i died a couple times before i got the first end but it was worth it.

I like the game and all, but holly cow that last level, i was stuck like 30 min or so, even so pretty enjoyable

Me: This looks nice

3 Secons in the game: Grandma dies

Me: I didn't see that coming

Bastante entretenido! Lo único que cambiaria es que el Dash en pc no fuera con Ctrl, sino con Shift.

Harder than it looks, i took me some time before i got adapted, but pretty funny.

Here is my channel if you want to taje a peek / Aquí esta  mi canal por si quieren echarle una ojeada .

Is impossible not to love that mole.

Here my channel if ypu want to take a peek / Aquí esta mi canal por si les gustaria ver más juegos por el estilo.

I´m just gonna say that it were  funner than i expected :D

If you want to see me suffer here is my channel / Si quieren verme sufrir acá esta mi canal

The art just blow my mind, you can see how much effor and love  this game was done, love it.

I left my channel here were i read the game in spanish / Dejo mi canal por aquí por si quieren escuchar la historia del juego en español.

Holy duck, this game is pure gold, i loved each song, i could only do the normal songs but  probably gonna make a serie about this.

Btw, my content is in spanish


JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, don't worry i really like it.

I just say that the mage is harder than the righ hand. Really like it, the dash don't always work, but hey is funny anyway.

Here my channel if you want to take a look, not gonna lie, all my videos are in spanish.

Thanks for maked it!

Well you were right, this game is hard as f*ck, but i like it anyway. It'll be great if you put some music.

If you want to watch me suffer but in spanish, here is my channel / Si quieren verme sufrir pero en español, acá esta mi canal.

Dust is like: Seems Joke but is anegdote

Really like it <3

If you want to listen it in spanish, i translate it in my channel / Si quieren escucharlo en español, lo traduje en mi canal. 

Saludos a los que hablen español xd


I really like it, love the fact that we can adorn the bones with flowers and mushrooms that are in the lake.

I... Don't understand what happen.

The level 3 made me suffer in a bad way. Overall i really have fun, the camera angles could help the playability but i guess the idea is make the game harder so...

Like the color and the little guy, the camera has some weird angles and the end is a little sloppy, but i liked it anyway.

If you want to listen the game in spanish or see me suffering, here is my channel / Si quieren escuchar el juego en español o verme sufrir, acá esta mi canal

Ok so i don't like horror games, and your game took the shit out of me, it's good but you could make the character run faster because it's tiresome to move all the objects to block the door, anyway i had fun and i hope that that chicken is burning in hell.

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Like the concept, but personally i would have prefer the levels to be harder.

If you want to listen the game in spanish, i translated it in my channel / Si quieren escuchar el juego en español, lo traduje en mi canal.

It's so fun to play, some littles bugs that make my fight all the employers again because the final boss got lost but i had a relly good time playing it.

If you want to listen it in spanish, i translated in my channel /Si quieren escuchar el juego en español, lo traduje en mi canal

It was nice, first time i play a game based on a poem.

If you want to hear the game in spanish, i translate ir in my channel/ Si quieren escuchar el juego en español, lo traduje en mi canal.

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I gotta say i love pixel art, and the whole idea of cats vs dogs was 10/10. But there are somethings that in my opinion can make the game more enjoyable, like a boss, i know that in WW2 that didn't happen but hey, this is a game, we can make whatever we want. Also another ending, in both endings Misiq can die, but at least you give us an opportunity to clean the last level that seems impossible, (Not for that guy who kill all the dogs comments below).

Anyway i really like it, i hope to see your future works <3

También agradezco que halla una versión en español, me ayudas con las traducciones y no me quedan tan largos los videos xd


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It's impossible not to love this game 10/10
Also the Examtaker make my cry, just look how many times i die :v

If you want to listen the game in spanish, i translated it in my channel / Si quieren escuchar el juego en español, lo traduje en mi canal: