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it's an executable, just run it and it can be played 🦀

i am currently not going to make a keyboard suported version, sorry

happens sometimes, shouldn't give a problem.

I think it should work. Let me know if it works 🦀

wow thank you 🦀

Thank you for the amazing review. This was exactly what we were trying to achieve. 🦀🦀🦀

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You can play animal crossing With this 3D man if you want 🦀

I hate to say it but this is exactly how it went on my student job 🦀

Love the art style and the wonky ragdolls 🦀

Hihi thank you ♥️🦀

Haha let's goooooo 🦀🦀

Thank you 🦀♥️

Dyslexia can be a pain sometimes 🦀

we need to spread the message! being silent isn't going to do anything.

bless the hummus 🦀🎉


what a great little game i love it 🦀❤

Love the simplicity of it

Saw a progress picture in the WGJ discord and i was immediately intrigued. looks good and plays good 🦀

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Realy nice concept i liked it 🦀🦀, the little dudes are very cute as well 

I unironically think this found images art style is actually pretty neat 🦀

Fun idea 🦀. I would make the rules of how to identify the cops more visual, like that the the rules will be easier to understand and remember.

Glad to hear you liked it. The cubes where an absolute joy to make hihi 🦀

Wow absolutely stunning, i love the game concept 🦀

will do 🦀

Ow i see that's very weird, I had no idea this was going to be a problem. Thanks for letting us know.

I should think it works with an playstation controller. I am not sure tho, i have tested in during development with an xbox controller. and how do you mean "it's nearly impossible to play"?

It is only playable with a controller, in the menu to select you push the "A" button.

Very cool art style 🦀

noodle physics are one point 🦀

i love the animations of the character  🦀

Love the fork enemy's

I have browsed through all the entries and i absolutely love the outcome of this jam. They al all so differs and you can feel they all have something personal.

Thank you for making them i hope you enjoyed it 🦀♥️

i have made a few now and put them on a little website, if you whant to chec them out you can do it  here 🦀

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I saw your tweet, I am glad you liked it 🦀.  And yes,  i absolutly agree it wasn't realy explaind very well what you needed to do (i mean it isn't explaind at all). you can't get into the castel i am very sorry. I made this for my programing class so i foccust manly on mario's behavior. i will apricate it if you put a link to the game in your video description, like that more people can enjoy the game 🦀🦀

hi, thanks for your comment. i use a xbox one controller as well, the select button is the one with the 3 horizontal lines :

i will save igor <3

I am glad to see that u liked it :D