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The aesthetics are a bit off for me. The movement really does not feel like a car.
Overall, nice little idea. 

I did not understand it at first (same problem as edmond00) but after I read the instruction, googled for a translation of tally mark and understood what was going on, I liked it!

Unfortunately, the game does not let you divide by 0 and instead shows "pick a number first". It would have been cool if something more elaborated happened (like "that was 1 cool idea, bro...").

But still a very small and neet idea. 

Solid idea but a bit small. 

Cool idea, I like it.

I think it could help if the Window would be bigger. Quite often, I would miss a jump because my Mouse went ouside the screen (above or below) and the plattform would not follow it anymore. 

An overview of the switches somewhere on the screen would probably be helpful for people new to logic gates (or their graphical representation).

Overall, a bit short, but a nice contribution.

Neet idea. I agree with the other commentors in that it is too hard.

Solid ground on the bottom would probably help to increase the time one can stay alive. You still lose progress by missing a jump but it is not an immediate game over. I also think it would still count as "only one" as only one plattform (in air) is active at a time.

Cool idea, nevertheless!