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The text you sent

Ок I wrote to you, my soap here

looks like I'll have to make transfers in the form of patches, because some people do not care much about fellow translators

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I decided to make translation of your project, and decided to ask your
authorization for such actions. Ren'py I know very well, the translation will be in the form of a patch

Hi, if you have the desire, I would like to translate your project into
Russian language. I can write if you are not hard to send a dialogue of
translation and image are required to translate.

If you create your own game with renpy, I'll be glad to help You with translation into Russian language of your game

if the author has not abandoned its project and this app was written in renpy, I can offer you my help as a translator for Russian language The translator also in the course of translation have found 3 bug)))


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Super game! the programmer worked very hard creating this game engine renpy! I'm learning how to create a RPG in Python ) but there remains a sense of incompleteness

tell me the game engine. please. Or self-made?

There is a Russian translation, my friend did )

I talked to the author of the translation, he said "Do with it what you want, my permission is not required because all of my content originally published either under Public Domain or under CC0. Here just let Sendo takes into account that I'm certainly not going to process your script in the translation =D" if literally to write what he said.

Strange that Russian language is not present, I remember 1 a group of enthusiasts has translated almost all of your novels on Russian language for a very long time, and configured the Android the version for each story.

One of the most pleasant the main menu is seen in novels, all in 1 style. And eyes nothing catches. Well done

Hey all, a team of volunteers made the translation of your novels into Russian language

drawings sprite of guys very rare, thanks for the drawing

Many thanks to you!

Well, for a while the project is frozen. If there are changes write to me on my email

as far as I remember - only PayPal

In the process of translation, I was faced with the fact that the novel is not told who the Rivers. Can I add a link to some obscure in the story of the words. An example of "the Rivers" - the Supreme being....and so on right in the text?

Good day! I write to you in your wonderful project - the arena of the Circus, I began to translate your game on Russian language. Also I will post a report on the work done at this address To contact me, please write on my email I'm doing translations on a voluntary basis, does not need anything