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Simply wonderful!

Thank you, Adam!

Hi, Adam! I know It could probably be tiresome for you, but could you please write down an up-to date Bitsy Manual, or at least update the tutorial?

Thanks a lot for this wonderful tool that makes our dreams come games!

Simply beautiful!

Really impressive! This game's a little, yet shiny, jewel!

Nice and neat! Bravo!!

Really fun!

Very, very good!!

Sweet and funny!

Really nice!

So, I've just played the game through all the provided endings (I won't spoil anything, though).

Great game, indeed! Very thoughtful. The T-Gotchi bristles with life, and it's rather easy to want her happy.

In my humble opinion, however, the game is way, way too short. There should have been more to explore in the relationship, more nuances to add and maybe a bunch of extra endings too.

I hope there will be soon a new or extended version. I'm looking after it!

Yeah! It worked, thanks!

Hi guys. I just bought the game for mac-os (Catalina 10.15.7). I unzipped it and launched the game, but the system tells me it's not possible to open the application! Can you please help me?. Thanks