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You can by paying the price of the game + DLC


Hey Man did you check our wiki? I should help you to get your answers

can you suggest it on our discord

hey absolete, can you ask for it directly in one of our game-discussion channels directly on discord

We're still focus on the male side ! But new features for Bree's storyline should be out soon

We are in the process on reviewing all the story progression for BreeMC, it should be way better on monday with the new update. Sorry for the inconvenience T_T

Steam does not support android unfortunately

We are working on the lag issue.

Thx ^^

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- 0%
- You can transfert them manually or use a sync software :D
- Probably in Third Base


Monthly updates are always on the last Monday of the month. For your bugs on Lexi & Audrey, can you explain how they happen on discord in one of the bug-report channels

Yes you need to download each update!

You can't integrate a girl in a Harem that she originally ain't in, but Lexi is already a part of the Home Harem!

Did you follow her schedule

Love & Sex will not be animated

It's still wip !

Did you follow their schedule ? 

We're now working on a new system about that. But it's normal that the wiki take some time to be updated, it's maintained by the community 

You only pay one time, all new updates are included

It's one of the teaser characters that are not "datable" for the moment 

It's normal the event has just been launched ^^ It's an easy event to trigger, just visit Sasha's store

Yes you can play as Bree MC and date other girls! Not as many content as the classic way with Mike but we're still developing this part

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First are you sure it is a bug? Did you try to follow the wiki page? Then if it is a bug for you just report it describing what's going on when you try to access to the hot coffee scenes, for example with a screenshot or an error.txt

No problem I'm here for that!

All you need to know here

Maybe her wiki page can help you? 

Hey dude thanks for your feedback, for your gameplay questions, can you directly ask for it to the community/devs on discord? In one of the game-discussions channels pls <3

Can you ask for it directly on discordin one of our game-discussion channels? 

Can you specify this bug in one of the game-discussion channels on discord pls? 

On what type of device are you playing? And are you on the last update on the game?

Can you ask for your problem directly on discord

There won't be a pokemon harem ^^

No :)

Are you on the latest version of the game? Also what device do you play on? 

Emma is the girl that Mike is dreaming about and something happens... Click here to learn more ;)

swipe up

She is probably thinking you are cheating on her ^^ The only way Sasha can tell you to piss off xd. Can you ask for your problem on discord?