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I forgot to post it here

It was released on the 25th of September

Yes if/when we make the MILF DLC :D

You sell it better than me :D



Then have her move her hip into emptiness :D

There is an alternate scene without Futa, how do you want us to keep the same scenes without the Futa part, that's like redrawing and rewriting the whole thing which is what we do...

I am sorry but you make absolutely no sense from a game design or art perspective...

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No you'll have another scene...
Meaning that you will have as much scenes as someone who enjoy futa content.

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Different scene as it would be difficult to make the same scene ^^

If you said no to futa than you'll see another scene yes.

Hi :)
Thanks for the nice words ;)
- Indeed Adam gets more assertive in chapter 2
- There are 2 more girls in chapter 2 (and threesomes and foursomes are on the way)
- The small choices you make shape up your relationship with Lily [Slave, Girlfriend, Queen] and this will carry on in later chapters (Same for your choice of NTR or no NTR]. There will be more kink enabling choices in futur chapters too [BDSM, Anal, Futa and Pegging in chapter 2 for example]
Glad you liked the game we try our best to make it as good as possible :D

No, that would require too much artworks


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No they are with the 2 new girls we have added in the second chapter.
I said that because he wanted the game but for free  and my answer to that is "this is my job not a hobby, i suppose you like being paid for your work at your job, me too" that's totally different from telling "hey I don't like your game change it for me" to that my answer is "go play something else, you'll feel better" .

No i did not expand it past what I have planned, the next six or seven update don't have anything cuck related but will have threesomes and foursomes.
And people do what they want with their money :)
The Patreon is doing well for a 6 month old one (better than Love & Sex did at the same period actually.
I said it many times and i stand by it, if you don't like what i do, play something else, just don't come kink shame other people on my pages because i won't stand for it (not talking about you, your comment was very civil).

It also mean 75% is not which is a way bigger part of the game ;)

Cuck content is roughly 20-25% of the game, go troll another board ;)

Yes she is out for good

Not yet ^^

There will be more updates

Both steam and itch update automatically with no delay if you install through their apps

It's not in the game yet and even then the game here is just a demo.

If you have a download problem you should contact support

Unfortunately no

1 - Yes
2 - Don't know we have some issues with one of the VA...

Only if you abuse the blue pills

Itchio takes the lowest cut ;)

  • It includes future updates
  • It should be automated through the app

Twice the girls, twice the fun :D

The game is mostly finished, we only miss 30% of the voice acting

Glad to see you like My Demonic Romance :)
5$+ here:
or 20$+ here:

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You do realize that:
1) I need to eat.
2) The artist needs to eat.
3) The animator needs to eat.
4) The writer needs to eat.
5) The voice actress needs to eat.
This is not a hobby of us, it's our job.

We try to improve with every game we make :)

It's bugged currently, will be fixed later today.

You can date girls (Sasha & Lexi) when playing as Bree and there are some lesbian scenes on Mike's path.
Otherwise I don't know.

It will be when the game has more content in 6 month to a year roughly ;)