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Andrea Interguglielmi

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Good observation, yes, once you start switching on the battery and then the monitors the light in the cockpit starts showing up the controls in the shadow.
Indeed, the game opposes a whole lot of interesting isssues that had to be solved, lots of fun and a very interesting experience.

thank you!!!

planning for a private beta soon, would love to send you a version, if you have twitter please keep an eye at

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Thank you! doing my best here while wrangling Nauticrawl's last stage of development 8 )
(Nauticrawl is my game also on itch, also my main occupation for now  ; )

As promised, new dev post up on our recent beta experience, the process behind gathering feedback and the game design challenges ahead for this peculiar game : )

Thanks, that would be awesome!
The game is just coming out of its first public beta this week so another devlog is in the works right now.

Hi there! Sadly not at gdc but sinking deep with stuff to do for my game called Nauticrawl: 20'000 Atmosphere.

"In a fit of desperation, you've stolen a machine that may be as likely to kill you as the planet you're trying to escape. Figure out how to pilot the Nauticrawl to freedom... or die trying."

It's a narrative roguelike inscribed in machine simulation, where players have to first learn how to pilot this contraption without any tutorial or guide in order to then explore a dangerous world, populated by creatures you cannot see but only hear and read about on the monitors.

From day one of starting this project, I've been proudly showing it from its very own page exclusively: , we also just launched the teaser and wrapped a first public beta! It should not be long before a release date announcement, so please tag along if you like this project, it's the fruit of two long years of development and lots of love was spilled on the deck of this sci-fi ship ; )

Thank you so much for giving us indies plenty of opportunities to expose what we are working on!

Hi Joel, I just got back in the Nauticrawl, first prologue coming soon, then who knows : )