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Fun game, but once the other window appears frame rate massively drops and makes bullets unable to hit enemies or hit the window border.

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Yeah, I'll probably add another key for running. Z was more oriented for arrow keys and number pad anyways. Thanks for playing!

Hey this is a pretty good remake. Amazing Sprite Work!


I have recreated the 2013 Mobile Game, Flappy Bird, in the Scratch Game Engine

you are absolutely right

so its ok to steal projects when your friend does it

nor about your stolen project

he didnt make this, Griffpatch, on Scratch and Youtube did, this guy a big phony

half a year ago + imagine stealing someone;s project and passing it as your own like griffpatch's scratch geometry dash is yours

no way purple chicken

45 seconds

already tearing up, wonderful game

1. Does the game need to be playable on web browsers, 2. If the game engione you are using needs a subscription that you don't have, could you upload a video or just the file to the game (would need the game engine) This game jam was pretty much made for me, as i have been thinking about a game concept where the main theme is colors, (prior to finding this)

i have been informed from a future aquantence that 2024 has corona 3.0 so i think we're screwed.


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NogginThumperSaveCode: !5176!19!-1!-1!kayna!theremind!tweedle!1!3!?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?2?0?0?0?0?0?0!

best game

I got lightning from praying, it did 25 dAMAGE AND paralized sansfield till the next turn

when the imposter is sus

and did you make the music, or did you select it from the internet, cause either way it really works and gives the overall theme that i feel like it's going at!

really like this, was this made in scratch? if so, what's your scratch username?

got up to 211 score before realizing there was only 3 metals


same energy not me trying to do what he is doing

dont think you got the message

bad time

same energy as my dad works at nintendo

among us man

among us man

among us man

among us man

among us man

among us man

among us man

among us man

bruh, it was all the left the 1st time

as a scratch user, i have a feeling this was made in scratch. and if it was, here's a tip. If you want normal movement, you can do a FOREVER [IF (key pressed) change (x or y) by (amount). And if you want it to feel more like pokemon movement, you can just increase the (amount) and add a wait (amount) block


2 pico doesnt mean 1 pico bad

2 pico doesnt mean 1 pico bad

uou didnt make this, griff patch did

Next Update is fixing Title