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Andre Leao

A member registered Nov 18, 2017

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You don´t pass the witch. You need her to give you some info and buystuff

Completed, what a game!!!!! A pity it was released 1st of January 2023, or it would be a serious contender to 2022 GOTY.

Completed, vey nice. Last part you need to draw a map... :)

Ainda não consegui testar o jogo (muito trabalho), mas a OST é fenomenal ;)

Gracias :)

Wonderful. Can Spectrum Computing host the game?

De nada, amigo. Muito justo. Obrigado pelo teu belíssimo trabalho :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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Is the game written in Basic (Boriel)?


Oh yeah! :)

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Great game. When you cut the lights, if you do it twice or more in a row, it appears a corrupt sprite (a soldier). :)

Wow!!!! Thanks. Loved the game, it is brilliant :)

No more bugs found. Thanks for the quick fix :)

Thanks. The game is wonderful, by the way. Review follows next week :)

my player cannot move, and most of the squares are black, except two.

Can you check if level 28 (bonus level) is ok, please?

The last review. The score is for the whole bundle... :)

Thanks ;)

Brilliant! :)

eheh, yep :)

not spanish ;)

Completed the game and found no more bugs, only the ones already reported. The bug in the door happens in some others, as you are able to cross them. Maybe a hidden block between the doors and roof / ladders / floorwill prevent that.

Sent you a mail reporting a bug in door 3 (screen 1)