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I love how the mc deals with seeing all these monsters just showing up in their classroom. Nothing over the top or embarrassing, just 'oh this isn't normal'

My favourite character is Nikolei, I love his route and I'm  super excited to see what will happen next.

Thank you~

Hey I'm getting a crash right after the intro credits end. Playing on windows.

I really appreciate that the cross dressing stuff in  chapter 3 isn't weird and awful. I'm just so used to that kind of thing being  done in  a awful and transphobic way, so I want to give you props for not doing that. You did a good job.

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I'm like 30 mins in and I can see the writing on the wall. Just don't write trans characters like this, just calling them a crossdresser. Yes cross dressers exist, they don't act like this though.

When you do the whole surprise reveal, 'they aren't who they say they are' you are feeding into the stereotype of trans people being deceptive about who it are. Never mind that the uncertainty you are introducing around their gender, acting like it's some kind of game to figure out who someone is. 

 I don't like being screwed with like this, you should have done better. The rest of the writing is fine, I enjoyed that just fine.

I played the damn demo like 5 times, so yeah I like it a lot. So thanks, you're awesome. 

I'm really excited for the TOP SECRET content by the way.

Also not really a typo, but there was a missing space in the text you get when you give Rafael chocolate bread. There should be one between 'probably' and 'should'