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Wunderschön aufbereitet. Sehr gute Arbeit! Viele Spiele kenne ich noch nicht.

Hello, the RedArtGame-Team has smoothen out the technical side :)

Yes, they are ingame between the levels.

It represents accurately the games difficulty and its simply to hard for you.

We made it invisible, as the Demo is very old and could create false expectations to the main game, which is released on Steam.

Many thanks,

the core team was 2 people in a timespan of three years. And yes, we have used Unity as we already had experience with unity from the last two games.

I have also read your book and illustration would really help! (I actually made some, as i always "draw" to understand text) For me it was a great read and very inspiring to take a deep dive into one of the first "survival horror" games :)

Its only possible in the Unity Setup Menu right at the start. Currently its not possible the rebind keys in the game itself.

We  planned in one or two months.

Hello, is there a possibility to contact you? Twitter: Andrade-Games (@Andrade_Games) / Twitter Facebook: Heidelberg 1693 | Facebook

Really great!!!! Can't praise you enough for this audio visuel piece of art.

Yes, I love your music!!!! It is not too "retro" and not too "modern" for my taste. We have many tracks of your music in many stages! Have you seen, that there is a video with around 24k views?

Many thanks! The current stage is from the middle part of the game - so you will get a lot of more challenging stages.

Many thanks - yes alphabet gamer did a great job showing the game. There is a lot of feedback that we can work with :) 

It seems like that i will use your music for my game "Heidelberg 1693". It fits very well and when i get poitive reactions from my beta players, i will keep it  that way. I really  like the way how you construct melodies. 

You are right - the development is completed. We will change this. 1917 had a big update (The DX version) that took 6 months of development time - so at the time of the upload on it was "in development". Currently we focus our ressources completly on "Heidelberg 1693".

Hello BiG Porras, we are currently finishing the game "Heidelberg 1693".  The Demo is set to invisible, because the demo build is more than a year old and does not represent the final product.

Steam Site:

Many thanks   for the Video!

Many thanks. We have adressed many issues in version 1.2.

regardings the performance. You can change the setting in the  start up menu to a lower quality. This could help. We will start optimizing the Software when our game design is manifested.

Stunning. Sorry for the late response, i was in a crunch phase of game development. Can I invite you for playing the new version? It is not as hard as the   old one but more polished. I wanted to contact you directly on itch io but i dont know how this  works. I would send you a steam key, if you send me a PM. here is my Facebook page:

Hey Kathryn, thank you so much for your video. I am really impressed that you have reached the second boss encounter. Most players are not able to beat the first stage... so you can call yourself now a pro gamer. The game gets soon a re release on Steam with doubled content, an intense narrative (about war, religion and a blunted civilisation) more art assets (corpses!!!) and improved gameplay  (like true 360° shooting etc).

stay tuned and thanks again.