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Wait... So even if she's stunned it won't work?! Fuck me then(that's what happened)

Bro, was on the labyrinth and stunned Beris then used a move to bind her.... And she dodged it! How did she dodge if she was stunned?!

thanks! And you're nice!! A real chad

I don't have money to buy a pc. And I do have a decent phone, I just asked why the game was crashing because I might have installed it wrong. 

I don't need someone telling me to buy a pc, it is a lifegoal of mine to get one(a decent desktop at least)

thanks for the reply, and I reported for being a offensive! Have a nice day.

How should I install the game on android?

Just installed the game and keeps crashing. Android user btw, what should I do?

glad I didn't... I think I didn't 

One can only harm the relationship after beating both onis?

Don't like it, don't play it. As easy as that

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

Probably you copy, then send it to the other Mac. I don't have one but you should try to copy the saves file and send it through email maybe?

You are truly disturbed, but I respect you to the core of my soul!!!

Hey guys, do you think the update is close? I come here everyday to check. Does the platform inform us if there's an update?

It happens to me too, that's why I save every time before I leave the square. As long as you save there is no problem.

Yes, for now yes. The developer is going to release a new update but we don't know when exactly. And if I'm correct it's not for the monster girl city yet

unfortunately I only play on mobile since... Well no money for a pc. But in probably less than a year I'll get one, and then it'll be just downhill. 

i will, now I have one save for the updates and one that is just when I want to test what the "suspicious" options do. Tho I just go through Amy, and am trying to do the secondary part of the game by now. 

it's not they didn't work, the last save I had was actually in the will and power temple i had already beaten the two challenges and was about to open the big door. Those saves are from the beginning like even before I got to ancilla(forgot how to write it)

yes "harem hotel" my favorite 

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I actually had a save slightly before that one that actually works which is in the town square. Which I'm grateful for my own stupidity to have several saves (as you can see on the pic) tho the one save in the church I bet it won't work but I'll try it either way. 

Edit: the last save that actually worked... took me back to before i could get the first sigil ;-; i have to redo the forest dungeon, which actually took a lot of time

well it is my favorite lewd/sexual game until now, I actually like the text and it's details. There are other great games that have this kind of feel but are actually animated with 3d models, tho some are paid, but are actually good my top is this one on 1st, a fantasy(kinda) themed with an hotel which is 3d I think, tho the way to play it now( i play on my phone) is to instal other apps to be able to play like a pc.

Then this is just not the type of game for you

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I updated the game but can't get my last save to work, the save from the last version doesn't work at all. Is this fixable? I would prefer not to redo all of the progress I had.