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Anders Pantzar

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My feedback for V2.0 Windows (with XBox-controller)


When aiming this dotted line appears. I struggled with how to change where to aim, it felt like the aim changed randomly. When you press X to start aiming, you aim in a direction even when not touching Left Thumbstick, so I thought I could use Left Thumbstick to modify the aim. I thought moving the Left Thumbstick straight up would start rotating the aim to slowly go higher, or moving Left Thumbstick down to rotate the aim lower (and Left/Right to change the distance/force of the throw). But was confused when the aim instantly moved straight up or straight down.

After a while I figured out that you aim in the direction the Left Thumbstick is facing (but because the dotted line falls off it didn't feel that way).

Getting a key

I thought I would have to move out of the level after getting the key (just like how I had to open the door at the end of the movement tutorial). So I was surprised  to be teleported out of the level when getting my second key.

The Hub Level

It's a bit annoying to start at the far right all the time in the Hub Level. I'd rather come back to the Hub through the door of the level I was just in.


Thank you for the option to switch to "Magnets attract to matching colours". I know it's not scientific, but it helped my gaming-brain go "Red affects Red, Blue affects Blue, got it!"


On big levels I tried to move the camera with Right Thumbstick. It didn't work (and maybe it shouldn't). Just an observation.

Magnet-killing-beam (4th door in Hub)

The Magnet-killing-beam with the red face over it destroys the magnet no matter what polarity I have it in. I thought the red face would only affect the red magnet.


When pressing A on "Resume Game" in the pause menu, the character jumps.

6th door in Hub

I felt so clever when I figured this one out!