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Cool asset! 

The itch demo has too small a jump so I can't keep trying it though xD

Really loving it so far! Do you plan to add keyboard/mouse control support in the future? This is my kind of game lol I'm really interested to see where it goes!

The game seems to be running at an odd resolution, and then scaling to my monitor resolution. Parts look jagged and pixelated, and the popup menus (like the branch name dialog) are really small. I know it's not a Godot issue, I use the engine and have played many games created with it.

I love this game though, it's a great way to learn! I knew a lot of basic git, but this is teaching me all the other stuff I've just never used since I either didn't know it was that simple or that they even existed!

I love the graphical style, but I was unable to find the backpack after looking around for a while. Also, an option to disable ambient occlusion would be nice!

Works perfectly on Linux! Thanks for porting!

Yeah, same problem on multiple Linux machines. No problems with other Linux Unity games, so I wonder why it happens

Ah riiight, I must have missed that.

Is this even allowed for this game jam?

Pleeaasseee someone do this