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Lets go!

OK! Can't wait for v3!

Ok, thanks!


First of all thank you for making something that allows newbies like me to actually make good songs! I am excited to see the new features in v3 but I have a few ideas. 

  • An option to have the changes made in live mode be saved with the song. This might already be a feature but if it is not I think it would be a great addition.
  • A "simple" mode. The new additions are very helpful but it would be nice to have a switch that makes it so just the place to put notes is visible so it is less cluttered (not that it is very cluttered currently).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thats awesome!

Ok, I might email you sometime soon.

I love the soundtrack but I don't see any music when I go to the Bandcamp website. Do you think you could directly share the files?

Oh sorry, I didn't read through the entire description.

Just one quick question, what did you use to make the music? It's so good!

Thanks! I just want to check out how you did some things so I can make my game better.

Ok, that makes sense! I bet if I made something in two weeks I wouldn't even be able to understand it.

This is awesome! Any chance of sharing the source code?

This is so good! I was wondering if you could share the source code so others could learn from it. Also, your Youtube tutorials are awesome!

Ok, thanks! I'll check it out!


I recently got MewnBase on Steam and I really like it! I just saw the v0.52 build on and I want to check it out but I don't think I can because I got it on Steam and not I was just wondering if I could check out v0.52 without buying it again.