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Anders Athletic Design

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Of course I have seen the cabinet and I played the original Flash game the same night I saw the movie.

I would guess that it is the fictional-arcade-game thing that makes this game attractive in the first place. Especially when converted to a 1982 computers as the C64, which is home to a lot of early 80s arcade conversions. So, of course the developers want to play along in that makebelieve world.

Everybody knows it's a fictional '82 arcade game from a 2012 movie. The original 2012 version states 1982 so why shouldn't this conversion? 

Amazing conversion for the C64. The developers must have put hundreds and hundred of man-hours into it. Can't help thinking what could have been if other arcade games from the early 80s era had been given as much C64 conversion care as this ... 

Best game ever for the VIC-20? Regardless of platform, this is a very enjoyable isometric action-adventure. No slowdowns, logical puzzles, and spooky-but-cute graphics. The intricate layout of the about 30 rooms will offer you many stimulating hours of play.