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Just about.

After fade-in to the guild, I see the guild leader and Tony standing across from each other. Isaiah is standing in the hall too, across from the guild leader, for barely and instant before disappearing.

 I can talk to the guild leader but they just keep repeating the same thing as the beginning of the quest. Tiny doesn't respond at all. I can leave the guild and everything is normal. Isaiah is outside training with the same quote as always.

That was cute, good work!

So I got the quest from the Hunter's Guild to test Tony. I went into the forest and made my way to the caves where the bats were. We won, I was seriously over-leveled, but when we automatically returned to the Hunter's Guild I had a brief moment before Isaiah vanished and then...nothing changed. I tried to talk to the Guild Master but he just had the same line about "if you find a likely candidate..." and Tony himself didn't respond at all.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this quest or do I need to leave it be? Did I do something wrong? I noticed Tony didn't actually join my party as a combatant I could choose after I spoke to him-I originally thought I'd gone to the wrong place and had to meet him somewhere first, so I was just wandering around the forest to explore. Then I killed the bats and suddenly Tony appeared saying "That was easy!" and whisked us away to the Guild.

That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know, I'll leave it be for awhile.

I'm sure you have an enormous amount of work for this, so no worries.

I just got to Allcapata Fortress and the first thing I did was check out the Hunter's Guild. And I immediately froze.

No matter how many times I restart the game, the moment I step into the Hunter's Guild everything freezes except the music.

What can I do to fix this?

These guys are total assholes and I hate them. Good job!

That said, I really wish Defend was activated less often. Even low level Dwearians can be a grind to get through on random encounters.

First off, I just want to say I'm enjoying the game. Combat is simple but fun and the setting seems interesting, though on both counts I've only just started.

However, I have had some issues finding side quests to do? I stumbled upon Nyla's first quest to explore the shambler-infested village but she didn't have another one after that and neither did the family I recruited from the mission. I completed the first Hunter's Guild request of course but I can't find the creatures I'm supposed to fight for the second one since anything that spawns in the beach areas can murder the Hell out of me. I have found a couple of loner settlements, but neither the depressed guy just north of the road to Panvatino(sp?) nor the exiled Tree Hugger want anything. The beach house was empty. The Trail Blazers didn't have any quests either. The only other one I found was from the Deadlander outpost and I don't think I can even survive going that far east.

Where should I be looking for things to do? I've been mostly stuck to the level 5-10 regions because I take a few steps over and suddenly everything is over level 30.

Oh dear! Well, I hope your wrist feels better soon. Take your time, obviously, I know the game is still developing so I just thought I would point out the issue. With luck your right and it's just being moody for now.

Just wanted to say I've had a lot of fun with this game, and I see how it could have HUGE potential as a learning tool besides that.

I can count few occasions where I felt as accomplished as when I finally made a little organism that could reliably navigate without constantly braining itself.

I have had some trouble, though. The version I downloaded for Windows ( doesn't seem to want to connect? I can save and load creatures from disc but it won't go online. Is that normal, do I have to play the browser or another version to access the online functions/designs?

I just wanted to say that out of the -many- games I have played from the racial justice bundle, Underhero has been my favorite so far! I'll definitely buy Underhero 2 on its own if/when it comes out, and I'll be keeping an ear out for anything that comes  from Paper Castle Games in the future!