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Loading up Other Minds.... NOW!

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Hey man, thanks so much for checking out the demo! A few in the past have mentioned jump height initially, especially when comparing it to the feel of traditional platformers. But all (so far lol) have withdrawn this feedback after playing a bit with others and getting a feel for the gameplay. From a dev standpoint it would be difficult to change now, as the current jump height is tied very intricately to the current level design and to the melee battle mechanics. Also: the Wings item provides you with a double jump, and wall jumps are pretty useful to master.

I'm 100% not discounting your feedback, I really love when people make the effort to offer their thoughts. This is how games improve! I will be curious if more play-time will change your thoughts. 

Thanks again! And shoot me a message if you feel like playing online :)

Thanks so much! It means a lot. And yes: I'm on a mission to show the world what Python/Pygame are capable of. We shall see how it goes!

Thank you very much! I appreciate you checking it out :)

New game release!!! Impressive page background, too :)

Kind words! I really appreciate the support :)

Thanks so much! I just need to get my act together and get something playable out there, lol!

Loved it! The characters are great, each one with a wide range of interesting abilities to play around with. The battles are  lot of fun. Doesn't rely on RNG for difficulty, which is a wonderful choice. And the story has me VERY intrigued. Looking forward to see where this goes :)

The art style and overall 'juiciness' are spot on! Simple and addictive game play. Definitely give it a go :)