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Hahahaha brilliant!! The game by itself is awesome, combining flappy bird with a typing game is a great idea. BUT, once you read the full story the meaning of the game changes by a lot (I recommend you to dowload the story if you are a noob like me). Very clever and thought out!!

That's a HUGE compliment, thank you!! And yeah, seeing other people play the first part made it clear it was quite difficult to pass through. It's something that's going to be patched ASAP  (among other things) ^^

Yeah! Although not that much as english is not my first language and was much more focused on not crashing hahahahah. I'll take it as a challenge tho because it seemed to be a pretty dark and personal story from what I could remember, interesting!

Awesome! Never thought combining flappy bird with a typing game would be so much fun and challenging!

Super cute game and story (Omg plant lady). Also, big fan of the stargazing ghost. Got 9 spirits, yay!!

Epic final,  I LOVED the fighting mechanic. Also, crab hehe

Heya! Anna here (LD of PollyShelly ), due to time constraints we couldn't test and tweak the levels as much as we wanted so feedback is very much appreciated! What was your favorite part? Mine surely is crate city (the swinging level before the cannon hehe).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't jump after you put a foot in the paperplane or else you could fall off the plane and you'll need to restart the game. Sorry for the inconvenience, have fun! ^^