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A member registered Apr 27, 2021

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Maravilhoso! Uma verdadeira inspiração.

Super Beautiful Icons!!

you are my inspiration, the way you uses the light and shadow is so beautiful ^^

seems beautiful, nice assets, good work!


is the best game i have played in my life... thank you...

hi!, cool game but...

1. the gravity and jump physics are so bad

2. the green plataform takes a long time to fall.

3. why i can not jump while the green plataform falls?

4. a small delay, so when i jump in the plataform and jump in other, the player dont jump and i fall.

5. i think a air jump is cool to speedrun

not loading for me :(

WOW! so beautiful!!! 

wow! nice art

so cute! good work, seems beautiful.

Nice style!! beautiful assets, good job.

Without words, good job!!!

Hi PeachyPixelPioneer, in love with your tileset, but i recommend you to remove the background tileset image, because can be downloaded (sorry if i'm wrong)

i'm without words for this, impressive work!! :)

Just Beautiful, thank you for the asset, keep the work :))) love your art