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The game have been updated a bit.

Unfortunately, I'm not completely familiar with the Coppercube engine yet, so any small detail is complicated to add. And for the jump sound, I don't know how to fix that either. But, I'm proud that you like my game.

If you want more fun, you can wait a new project that I'm working.

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pas du tout :)

la version wtf de beamng n'est pas prévue de sortir pour le moment.

ce jeu est simplement une représentation de ce que peut être un jeu corrompu

I used it from my Android browser. But I thought it would work like most WebGL games.

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Hum... Problems are back.

Edit: Why this game releases on my birthday date? 😏🤔

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Good news!🙂   The level is working as of now.

Reaction to the update: The new font is very well found. I don't like the new title screen music too much; but I don't care, because I still have the old version on my PC. Speaking of the old version, I retested it and the My Home level still doesn't work in this one.

By the way, I have a suggestion: add a loading screen when you launch a level (earlier, I thought the game crashed when I launched the level (since the loadings are quite long (about 10 seconds))).

It will be a party indeed. XD

But more seriously, the level of the futuristic tower lag just a little bit but it works.

All I know is that my PC supports Unity games less well than any other engine (the Unreal Engine works quite well).

Thank you.

To answer you, the level in question just doesn't load (just freezes the game and Windows asks me to close it).

But I did a formatting in the meantime and didn't retest the game. When I got back from vacation, I would go see this new version.

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To conclude, all these problems no longer concern me. The problem was just that I had too old a PC. v

 - DirectX  10

- Intel Chipset video card

- Intel Pentium II processor

- So many other obsolete stuff...

The PC still works but it is slower than when I had these problems.

I changed my PC 3 months ago and all the games I want are working now (including this one).

However, a problem arises: The "My Home" level is the only one that does not work.

Depuis quand, on passe de l'alpha à la Release ?


So it's not the levels that take time to load; after 5 minutes, they still do not launch!

So the levels don't start, but the game doesn't crash. It just stays frozen for eternity.

Another PC: no because I have another more powerful PC for work only.

And the RAM: I only have 1.87 GB left.


For the operating system, it was running on Windows Vista x32. But it has been changed to Windows Seven x64. Running x64 programs on a PC that does basic x32 often doesn't mix well.

For RAM, I run most games at low quality.
For yours, I tried to set the graphics to the minimum and the resolution to the minimum in Window mode. But that didn't change anything!

I'll send you a recording of exactly what's going on.

The My Home error log.
I failed to get the one from Eldamar The Hamster.

Crash link

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It still does not work.
However, when I do the same manipulation on other programs, it works!
Thank you anyway for giving me a technique!

Now, we still don't know why the others aren't working.

EDIT: How do I find the error register?

It is certainly not a relatively powerful PC, but it was used in the past for 3D modeling.