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Je verrais un autre jour pour le contacter.

Actuellement, je travaille sur une autre copie modifiée de BeamNG (version WTF). Donc je ne puis travailler sur deux projets en même-temps.

En tout cas, c'est cool qu'il ai fait cela. Est-ce que ça peut marcher sur la (mon PC n'est pas assez performant pour faire tourner la 0.24) ?

Le même qu'ici et que partout.

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I follow your thread on the BeamNG site. This guy should contact me by email so as not to have problems with the devs.

P.S. It would be better to know whether we should speak French or English in this discussion. It gets messy.

Après vérification, les fichiers DAE sont bel-et-bien présents. Enfaite, j'ai repris les véhicules de la version et retiré la Bruckell Moonhawk qui n'était pas présente à l'époque. Mais je pense que puisque les fichiers DAE et autres présents dans les dossiers des autres voitures sont mis-à-jour au 18/09/2013 (date de sortie de la, la Techdemo (03/08/2013) ne doit probablement pas les supporter et planter.

In the bugs and crashes that I know of, there is indeed a crash that occurs when changing vehicles. I think that since some game components are not present for other vehicles, the game must run in circles and crash. If Cliff doesn't work, it's because there are other vehicles and it must surely be wrong. Finally, a crash was present in 2013 when returning to the menu.


Dans les bugs et crashs que je connais, il y a en-effet un crash qui survient lorsque l'on change de véhicule. Je pense que vu que certains composants du jeu ne sont pas présents pour les autres véhicules, le jeu doit tourner en rond et planter. Si Cliff ne fonctionne pas, c'est qu'il y a d'autres véhicules et cela doit sûrement rebeloter. Pour finir, un crash était bien présent à l'époque lorsque l'on retournait au menu.

There is a new update.

Now the game has no password.

There is a new update.

Now the game has no password.

There is a new update.

Now the game has no password.


Il y a une nouvelle mise-à-jour.

Maintenant, le jeu n'a plus de mot-de-passe.

1) I have a life, I can't meet at any time. 2) Telling me that I have a goldfish memory, we'll do without. The password is correct, I even tested on another computer. 3) It's not hacking so I don't see why you would report my project to the devs. 4) If there is really a problem with the password, I will reupload the zip without password.

It's strange.

It's this password that I had defined.

Le mot-de-passe est maintenant dans les instructions d'installation.
The password is now listed in the installation instructions.

The password is now in the installation instructions.

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Good news!🙂   The level is working as of now.

Reaction to the update: The new font is very well found. I don't like the new title screen music too much; but I don't care, because I still have the old version on my PC. Speaking of the old version, I retested it and the My Home level still doesn't work in this one.

By the way, I have a suggestion: add a loading screen when you launch a level (earlier, I thought the game crashed when I launched the level (since the loadings are quite long (about 10 seconds))).

It will be a party indeed. XD

But more seriously, the level of the futuristic tower lag just a little bit but it works.

All I know is that my PC supports Unity games less well than any other engine (the Unreal Engine works quite well).

Thank you.

To answer you, the level in question just doesn't load (just freezes the game and Windows asks me to close it).

But I did a formatting in the meantime and didn't retest the game. When I got back from vacation, I would go see this new version.

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To conclude, all these problems no longer concern me. The problem was just that I had too old a PC. v

 - DirectX  10

- Intel Chipset video card

- Intel Pentium II processor

- So many other obsolete stuff...

The PC still works but it is slower than when I had these problems.

I changed my PC 3 months ago and all the games I want are working now (including this one).

However, a problem arises: The "My Home" level is the only one that does not work.

Depuis quand, on passe de l'alpha à la Release ?


So it's not the levels that take time to load; after 5 minutes, they still do not launch!

So the levels don't start, but the game doesn't crash. It just stays frozen for eternity.

Another PC: no because I have another more powerful PC for work only.

And the RAM: I only have 1.87 GB left.


For the operating system, it was running on Windows Vista x32. But it has been changed to Windows Seven x64. Running x64 programs on a PC that does basic x32 often doesn't mix well.

For RAM, I run most games at low quality.
For yours, I tried to set the graphics to the minimum and the resolution to the minimum in Window mode. But that didn't change anything!

I'll send you a recording of exactly what's going on.

The My Home error log.
I failed to get the one from Eldamar The Hamster.

Crash link

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It still does not work.
However, when I do the same manipulation on other programs, it works!
Thank you anyway for giving me a technique!

Now, we still don't know why the others aren't working.

EDIT: How do I find the error register?

It is certainly not a relatively powerful PC, but it was used in the past for 3D modeling.

What is a compatibility mode?

Either by clicking on 'Download', or by clicking on the image.

I never had the opportunity to test the first version, I didn't even know the site when the second version came out!

I do not see the problem.  Even someone said this family is scary!  I also put "^^" as a joke!  It's not meanness.

I don't see a rude answer!

After having tested the game by your request, it behaves in the same way as "My Home"!

Crash on startup

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The game worked the first time with a lot of lag and high sensitivity. There is no graphics and screen resolution section at launch, which surely explains it!

Then the second time, the next day, the game had a black screen and would not launch! It still does now!

If not, is it not possible to try the first released version?

It's not a kind of game I like to play, but the game crashes on launch!

If you want to have details on the problem, ask me. I can't read the information in code!

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I would go and test it.

This may not work either because my PC is from 2007 and basically runs on Windows Vista x32!
But since games like BeamNG (which runs on CryEngine3) work despite terrible lag, I don't think this theory works!

EDIT: Knowing that a new version was released recently.

The game lags a lot despite extremely simple graphics!

Me who am rude?
Or the game?

I am using Windows Seven x64.

And many other games work great with Unity!

When I'm done with my comments on the other gaming issues, I'll give Spacescapes a try!

One day I plan to buy myself a more powerful PC.

It remains to see the result! ^^

The door and the room cannot access the "Mono" file!

This game makes me uncomfortable because it is weird! ^^

Weak points: Physics bugs

The game lags a lot but it is playable!
Only two items are buggy.

Whether it's one or the other, the game crashes.

I still haven't tested the Android version!