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in the "pancakes scene" click the right arrow and pick the yoghurt

woww!!! thanks for playing <3 <3 <3

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thank you for your feedback! This was a game made in 20 days for a game jam, I did not expect for so many people to play it and it was not made with replayability in mind. 

I don't plan on expanding it but I'm working on a similar game. You can find it on Steam as "Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café"

thank u sm you're so sweet 🤗

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thank you so much!!!

there's no updates planned for this game other than bug fixes 💔 but it is because I'm currently working on a PC/mobile/consoles full version (called Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café) 🥳❤️ you can wishlist it on steam to support me

thank you!

that's very weird, this is a very very tiny game. Sorry to hear that

thank you sm ❤️

thank you <3

thank you for showing me!! you can go ahead and delete it if you want

lol I will take this is as a compliment 


Hi!! thank you so much! Could you please tell me which background you're talking about so I can fix it?

thank you <3

thank you for the heads up! will fix it the next time I can work on this game.

nope, when I made this game I had no idea how to make save files. I might add saves in the future but I'm currently working on another game so I don't have time right now. Thank you!! ❤️

thank you <3

thank you!!

thank you so much <3

i wish

thank you for letting me know! Ill fix it when I can

hola!! debería tardar poquito en cargar pero solo la primera vez, y dura hasta que tu quieras!

Thank you <3

thank you so much!!

thank you so much!!

thank you!

weird!! I'll check this too, can you share which platform are you playing in?

:( I will try to fix this bug next round. I fixed most bugs last week but I'm currently very busy developing Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café and can't invest so much time on this one now!

Thank you for your comment!! The satisfied customer coming back again and again is completely intentional! I'm glad you noticed and liked it! <3

Hi! I couldn't find what was causing this specific issue since I could not replicate it, but I've fixed some bugs and maybe this one issue stemmed from those (so hopefully it does not happen anymore). There's also a new version for Mac and you should be able to open the game easier now! 

this should be fixed now!



thank you!! I'll try to fix it but I have no idea what's causing this

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no reviews at all? im sorry you're experiencing this, it's the first time I hear about it.

If you can explain in more detail I could try to fix it: Are you getting no comments on the website, or are they 0 stars? 

thank you!! I'll try to update today

Hi!! What platform (web, windows, mac) are you playing?

thank you so so much!!! 💖

thank youu 💖

thank you 💖

when you are in the pancakes screen there's arrows to the left and right, choose the yoghurt