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Hi, i said i would try it :) there are really good ideas i like it!! I had a litte difficulty with the controls and understand everything from the start but once you get it it's fun. Congrats !

Hi, thank you again for you comments ! A new version has been made, the camera is now on top view and there is no more rotation which will prevent motion sickness ^^ the game is now more playable, and we've done a few workaround so that the loop game is a little more straightforward. Hope you enjoy :)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to play and comment !

Unfortunately we realized those issues a little too late before the game jam submit, so we where not able to improve the camera in time. Collision for camera was initially there but it was actually worse for playability (at some point the camera would get stuck when walls where too close), so it was a last minute choice. We are very sorry for the motion sickeness and hope to release a better version when possible ^^ We will definitely take your suggestions into advisement !

Meanwhile, as notified on the description we advise to play the downloadable version, the sensitivity is a little less intense there.