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honestly love How funny this Game is, Recommend 


Here'sthe vid:

Please tell me if you Make it fully I am Invested

I Was Blind at first but when I Looked I Realized I Missed the Detail9/10

I Honestly got Invested in this Game And Hope to See More

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Will Play Again *Edit My Computer Has a BS record with Audio So I Added Some, Then Went Back to Hear orginal And I Love it*

re:curse community · Created a new topic alot of fun

Me Playing it explains for itself

Made a video Playing this Game, i'd give it a 12/10,Had a lot of fun And I really enjoyed this Game enjoy my gameplay

I hope I got the drop, unless did I have to somehow link Among Us? I dunno.

I discovered it by hitting each Button

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Great Game, but Saddening that I had to learn about R,Hope that Get's Fixed so people dont have to check Comment's, Overall not bad,I recorded it a while ago so If your curious I can Leave a Link for it Tomorrow.

Please fix the Flashlight thing, If I trun if off inthe Maze it shouldnt be a Blackout, IF it's possible and if you want to could you help with that?

Like I said great game stuck on Night 1.

I had fun Playing this Game, Seriously Didn't put two and two together near the end at first until it happened, I had fun recording this Game BUT I will admit I was stupid because I couldn't get to the Graveyard until I learned how to get it, 10/10 Do recommend.

Here's my Link if your curious

I had fun playing this game, I'll admit I was clueless at first but then got the hang of it.

Here is the video:

I expected gameplay but instead had to watch a display of stuff and still waiting, you didn't plan on gameplay did You?


Not bad but it need's some work, because I constantly couldn't get it to drag properly sometime's and it just randomize's so much I cant't keep the streak up, if you had it to where more time get's added with each correct one AND subtract time with wrong one than I would give it a proper rating.

I thought it was cool but got lost after getting the shed key

it's not bad I was hoping to find a secret

I enjoy the game even though I let my colonist die

I just finished the game and i loved it I hope to see more of this game.I did a recording of this game and will post a link to it another time.

I had fun playing this game, can ya let me know when you make more of this?

Please notify me if there is a full version

I love this, can't wait for more

I love this game I was sad when I beat it though

It was fun the issue I ran into was I couldnt advance after the checkpoint because there are platforms but I could not reach the other checkpoint.Did i do something wrong?

I played Inspiring Pineapple before this game, wish me luck.

Game is fun I will admit but I don't know how to open the game the kid had

I dunno what's going on probably my connection or something but I can't do long does it take to play the game?

I had fun playing it I will play more soon.