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I enjoy the game even though I let my colonist die

I just finished the game and i loved it I hope to see more of this game.I did a recording of this game and will post a link to it another time.

I had fun playing this game, can ya let me know when you make more of this?

Please notify me if there is a full version

I love this, can't wait for more

I love this game I was sad when I beat it though

It was fun the issue I ran into was I couldnt advance after the checkpoint because there are platforms but I could not reach the other checkpoint.Did i do something wrong?

I played Inspiring Pineapple before this game, wish me luck.

Game is fun I will admit but I don't know how to open the game the kid had

I dunno what's going on probably my connection or something but I can't do long does it take to play the game?

I miss this series already and I just played all three

I had fun playing it I will play more soon.