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Awesome! Keep up the great work, man! 

These are fantastic and I really needed them for my project! Any chance we could get a few more dystopian backgrounds for Warped? If possible, it would be great to have some that blend well with your existing Warped tilesets.

Is this still working as of GMS2 version 2022.3.0.496?

I'm having the same issue. Downloaded the YYMP, then imported it into my project as a local package. execute_shell shows up as a constant and execute_shell_simple_raw shows up as a function. Nothing happens when running execute_shell_simple_raw

Wow! Incredible work, as always!

Looks great. Very reminiscent of Stardew Valley.

I am inclined to agree. The wing flapping does look just a little clunky, but I think the thing that bothers my eyes the most is that it feels like the character is attached to the wings by elastic. The "knuckle" of the wing has just a little too much vertical movement compared to the character. If these things were fixed, I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Sent. :)

I love the animations, but was this intentional? This is the way they were packed.

Love the sprite. The overall quality is fantastic! However, would it be possible to commission you to add two more animations?

It takes time, effort and skill to make animations and this guy made one that you can easily customize and build upon. He should be paid adequately for his work. If you are planning to release a game, this is a concept you should already understand.

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At first, I was worried about the transform animation. I wanted to use it, but keep the characters separate. The files included are separated by frame and not sprite sheets. The special effects on the transform animation are also separate from the sprite.