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My antivirus block the game :(

Looks very good but the demo it's so poor for know if I really want to buy it, sorry guys, lucky

Some of the attacks are slowly and the army isn't works some times, but looks very good in the art part and the idea is cool

Hi, I download the game and start playing but I don't know how can enter after the fence. See all the zombies and can kill them with the katana going throw the fence but can't pass in. Help please :(

btw looks terrorific, congrats to the music maker ;)

Infinite arrows please <3

Draw Your Blade community · Created a new topic Awesome!

I was playing your game a lot of times even after win the 7 rounds :D

The mecanics of the sword creation is very cool, you can improve it adding more differents forms with a little menu selection and adding more rounds and your game could be in Steam without problems with positives commentaries.

Congrats and regards, Ana.

Hey your game looks so good, but I recomend you that add in your keys some 'vr' or 'htc vive' words, because I found you in relations games, but not in the HTC Vive list ;) lucky for you'r game!